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Labour can be defined as the physical, mental, and social effort used to produce any kind of good. People who give such efforts are called labourers. Human labour is something that has been followed and is still done widely. Labourers are important as without such manpower a country or place cannot develop. But a child labourer is a controversial topic. Children contributing to the development and economy of society is a very praiseworthy thing to do. But to work as labourers at such an early age is illegal. It can also be referred to as hiring children below 14 years of age for work. It is mostly done for one’s economic growth and well-fare. Almost all countries have made children working below 14 years of age illegal although children of ages 13-15 may perform light work as long as it does not bring any harm or hinder their education. This is the International Child Labour Law followed all over.

There are many instances of child labour that can be seen all over. From a small local tea shop to a big company, there have been instances where they have been caught for child labour. Worst cases of child labour include prostitution, drug trafficking, slavery, etc that too under the age of 18. This is a big crime in countries all over and if caught have a serious reprimandation. Overall, we can say child labour is taboo. There are also many organizations that protect children from child labour or any kind of harm which can hamper their studies or even their lives. Such organizations are funded by the government or the local people too. There are also laws that restrict children from labour and if found have charges depending on the seriousness of the crime. Although there are such laws, child labour is still prevalent in some parts of the world. This may be due to various reasons.

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The first and the foremost reason for child labour is poverty. Poverty is a state where people cannot afford to fulfill their basic needs. Poverty occurs due to a lack ofmoney and proper education. Hence, people who live below or suffer from poverty send their children to work. They need to get money from as many sources as possible so that they can fulfill their basic needs. In this process, a child is also restricted from education to compensate for labour. Less-educated children in the future will also have fewer job opportunities.

We can say that education is also another reason for it. Lack of proper sex education will also result in people having more amount of children. To a poor family managing hot meals, 3 times a day becomes an impossible task. Labour is not only working under or for a factory, home labour can also be considered as a crime. The prevalent gender discrimination robs the right to education of mostly girls. They have no access to education and hence violates the labour laws. Another reason for child labour can also be the cost-efficiency. Children get fewer payouts for doing jobs for some tasks that require the same amount of energy for extra money to adults. Children who are trafficked out of their homes or countries also fall victims to child labour. They have no other choice but to work under the people who give them shelter.

The adverse effects of child labour can also be seen long term. Long term effects of child labour is harmful not only for the child but for the country itself. Each child who falls victim to child labour is a pillar lost to a country. A victim of child labour has poor mental and physical capacity. With such a burden of work given to them at such an age, their bodies can deform and their mental capacity decreases.

This gives rise to dumb or weak people. Child labour also leads to forced maturity. With such workload pressure on them, they mature faster than they need to and are robbed of their childhood. This gives rise to unhappy adults which cannot contribute well to the development of society. Not only that, a child has to suffer physical, mental, social, and sexual abuse. Their weak bodies can no way handle the harsh working conditions of some places and their happiness is robbed. Children may also be handicapped and arranging shelter and food for them becomes a hassle in the long run. Children who fall victim to sexual abuse are not taken back into society and are forced into sexual activities.  As adults, they struggle to fend for themselves let alone contribute to development activities.

Although there are efforts done to prevent this crime, it is not enough. Lack of awareness in people and unclear laws serve as a major hassle in the crime regulation. People should be well aware of the effects of child labour and the consequences if they force unfair labour upon a child. Proper rehabilitation plans and centers must be established for children who have fallen victims to child labour and help them get better. Children are the gift of God and in no way should go over such labour at a time period when they should be enjoying and studying. They’re the pillar for the country’s development after all.

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