Essay on Save Water | 900+ Words Paragraph on Save Water

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900+ Words Paragraph on Save Water

Out of the many essential things that are required for creatures to sustain life on earth, elements such as air and water are very important. In fact, we would have not existed if we didn’t have such factors as water, atmosphere, good temperature, fertile lands, foodstuff, etc. We cannot classify which is important over which as without one or the other we would stop to exist. But no one can deny that water is the most important factor for our living. Without water, nothing is possible. It is not only vital for the survival of humans only but for every other living thing on the earth.

Apart from drinking, water has various other uses for humans and other creatures. It is vital for the survival of human beings and trees too. The importance of water is just too much. Water also conducts helps run natural processes. The water present in the atmosphere absorbs the sun’s heat and keeps it cool. Rain is also due to water, the entire surrounding is reenergized by water. Electricity is also produced from water which is very essential for humans nowadays. The water absorbed by water helps transport minerals from the root to the leaves in plants.

Water is also very necessary for agricultural purposes such as farming and irrigation. The water in the cold regions also freezes and helps control weather.  The day to day activities in our body is also done by water. It carries nutrients to the cells in our body and oxygen in the brain. and helps in flushing out toxins and wastes in our body. The temperature of our body is also maintained by water. It lubricates our muscles and joints and helps us move freely. It prevents us from dehydration and other harmful diseases. The uses and benefits of water do not only end here. We use water for cleaning ourselves, the clothes we wear, and other materials. It is the factor for the creation of life and is a precious resource that we should in no way be wasting.

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Water is the elixir of life and the growing scarcity of water sources is one of the main problems in the world. Even if our earth is 3/4 th water, the sources from which we can drink clean water is less than 3 % of the total water sources we can find. That is already very low to start with. News of people and other plants and animals suffering or even dying from the lack of water is still prevalent in this modern world. In some places of the world, we can find that underground water is either contaminated or dried up due to overuse. While some countries have plenty of water sources that they can provide their people, other countries have little to no water sources. Human-made factors are the main reason for the creation of scarcity of water.

There are various reasons for the storage of fresh water. The main reason for water storage is the careless wastage of freshwater and not using it for proper uses. Wasting precious water that way creates scarcity in the future.  The unmanaged industrial wastes are also thrown into the lakes and rivers which pollute them. Industrial wastes are in no way consumable and polluted lakes and rivers make freshwater, more scarce. Another reason could be the excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They pollute any nearby freshwater sources. The sewage is also to blame.

Unmanaged sewage flows into the water sources and then into the sea which pollutes them. Diseases such as cholera, diarrhea may also occur due to its intake. The first reason can be too much wastage of freshwater and careless use of water on daily uses. Second can be the pollution from industries that adds untreated water to the rivers and lakes on a daily basis. The third reason can be pesticides and chemical fertilizers are also polluting the freshwater. Apart from this, sewage waste is also dumped into rivers that pollute water. Urbanization, Industrialization, and rapid use of natural resources also lead to scarcity of water.

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Water scarcity creates various natural problems in the world. Lack of water destroys plants and habitats and creates droughts. Humans nor other animals and plants can survive without water. Climate change occurs and there is a disturbance in the ecosystem. This is why it is necessary for everyone to know the importance of water and how limited it is.

We can also recycle water. Example of recycling water includes collecting rainwater and using it for other purposes. Or the water used to wash vegetables and other edibles used for watering plants and irritation. This is done by many would largely impact the dwindling supply of water resources. Watering plants in the evenings or mornings also helps to reduce evaporation. Tiny changes in our habits also save a lot of water. We should close the tap as we wash our face and hands. Even using the washing machine at full capacity helps save water. Everyone should be aware of the save water initiative too. Not only adults but even children should know the importance of water sources.

Eventually, there will one day arise a scarcity of water resources for everyone on the planet if such precious water is wasted on a daily basis by everyone. We should not take anything given to us by nature for granted. Without water, all is lost and this is why we should start saving water from the local initiative.

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