Essay on Poverty | 800+ Words Paragraph on Poverty

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While many people are enjoying their lives in the comfort of their homes, there are people who don’t even have enough materials or income to fulfill a person’s basic needs. The people who fall under that category are many in number and is one of the main driving force for inequality. The state where one cannot fulfill their basic conditions/needs such as food shelter, clothing, clean and pure drinking water, etc is called poverty. People who are facing poverty live in the harshest conditions and it is hard for them to even have a meal per day. Poverty is a huge problem not only in underdeveloped or developing countries are facing but also in developed countries.

The effects of poverty are huge. People can be seen living on the roadsides, begging, and roaming around from place to place to seek shelter. They won’t know when their next meal is going to arrive. People who face poverty are mostly uneducated people who cannot fend for themselves. Educated/employed people may also face poverty if any mishaps happen or there is a lack of job opportunities. There are many reasons for poverty.

There is an increasing disparity between the rich and the poor. Approximately 800 million people in the world(11% of the world’s population) are living in extreme poverty. Inadequate access to clean water and nutritious food is one of the reasons for poverty. When there is a lack of proper food and nutrients, the body does not have enough energy to produce immunity, run the day to day activities smoothly, or work properly. Lack of clean drinking water will also lead to suffering from diseases such as cholera. The remaining portion of their money is then spent on medicine and then they suffer due to the lack of money.

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And when people must travel far distances to clinics or spend what little money remains on medicine. there is still a chance for one to suffer from poverty even if one is educated. Lack of job opportunities and government infrastructures leads to people having no jobs or access to facilities such as schools, hospitals, health posts, markets. Having no job will result in no earnings for oneself or the family. This will automatically lead to people being homeless.

Conflicts between local or international people will also lead to many being homeless. Conflicts take away peace from society, destroy infrastructures, and leave people homeless. People become refugees and have no other place to live in. Natural factors such as natural disasters and climate change also force people to move out of their homes. Meaning they have to leave their houses behind. Education is also a driving factor in whether a person will face poverty at all. In fact, UNESCO estimates that 171 million people could escape extreme poverty if they left school with basic literacy skills. This shows how important education is to a person.

It is much needed to resolve the problem of poverty on an instant basis for the welfare of humanity on this planet. We can try and solve the problem of poverty by following various other methods. It is not only the government but we can also help on a local level. It is necessary to know the importance of farmers in our lives. It is only due to farmers that we are able to eat and live on. Everyone should respect the profession of farming, farmers should be encouraged more and be introduced to modern farming tools and appliances. Some priority should be also given to them.

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Creating awareness also helps people learn more about global poverty and will increase the general information on the issue. If one is economically stable, they should also donate anything that could help the underprivileged people. If possible there should be as many employment opportunities for everyone.

According to the International Labour Organization, 197 million people are without work worldwide. The more people that are employed the more poverty can be removed, and a country can develop. Since access to clean water and sanitation directly affects health and education, it is a must for everyone to have access to clean and pure drinking water. Dirty toilets keep girls and other people alike to not attend school and impure water spreads diseases.

Education is also hampered that way. Education is a necessity for everyone. If a person is well educated they can earn for themselves, and not fall into poverty. More than 60% of the illiterate people in the world are women. Everyone should have access to education. That way they are more familiar with jobs, diseases, sexual education, etc. This helps in reducing poverty in the long run.

Poverty is a global problem that is happening around the globe. It isn’t something that can be fixed instantly but a result of continuous effort. This is why everyone must come together and work to reduce poverty.

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