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People may believe in the fact that their wealth or their intelligence is the most essential thing in their life. But there is something with even greater importance than wealth, intelligence, or physical attractiveness. That is the essence of time.

Time is the most precious and powerful factor in our life. Even our life is measured in terms of time. There is not a single case in life where Time has ever stopped for anyone. Time moves on and has existed for billions of years. With the event of time, everything moves forward. It cannot be captured, stopped, or regained. Even top powerhouses of the previous eras could not beat the event of time, they nor the people of the future never can. Therefore, it is very important to make good use of the time we have.

Lost money could be regained but lost time does not. It does not look back nor regrets it. This is why we should never waste our precious time without purpose. Proper utilization of time will enable us to be a successful individual in life. Crying over spilled milk will do no good, the same for time. Wasting time and then regretting will do no good to a person. This is why Time management in one’s life is a necessity. Time management could be defined as involving in setting goals for life, prioritizing good things over others, take good sleep, etc. An example of proper prioritization may include putting one’s studies above than involving in romantic activities in the school years.

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Time management also helps set a certain time for certain activities throughout the day. When we manage time well, we can get our works done in the correct order and on time. In other words, time management helps us increase our efficiency and stay productive throughout. Effectively utilizing the time we’ll help us achieve goals and helps us stay productive. Moreover, they will prove as a driving force that will keep you motivated.

We can take the example of a school student. A good student does his / her work on time, is punctual to school, separates time for studying and playing, and has a positive attitude towards time. A punctual student is always performing better in school as they realize the essence of time and the fact that they should not waste it. We should be able to plan our activities in such a way that we complete it in time. In this way, time management helps a person realize the importance of time.

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Time management is not only helpful for a student, It is helpful for all the people out there. Proper planning of time equally helps a businessman or any other professionals out there.

Doing business at a certain time, carefully being patient, and observing the stock market, knowing when to act properly also falls under the proper utilization of time. Time plays a big role in our lives and is the ultimate thing that we cannot really measure. A tree does not grow from a sapling in a day or two. It needs proper care and a lot of time. Similarly, a person’s character and skills are also built by the passage of time. A person who does not know art can be a great artist if he/she practices art on a daily basis consistently.

With time, a person can change a lot. This is why it is important to build our present time by learning the necessary skills for our future as time wasted never comes back. We can take the example of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. They were college dropouts but still, they worked hard in silence. They did not give up at their young working ages and now they are living the rest of their life in peace without any economical hassles. Time helps a person realize their dreams and ambitions.  Similarly, time helps heal wounds, it is very powerful. The feeling of losing a loved one or being emotionally scarred is very painful and one can be depressed a lot. But with time, such wounds slowly heal as a person matures and becomes more courageous. This is another power of time that is very strong. It can also make a great king into a beggar or a beggar into a respectful governor, all it takes is perseverance and realizing the importance of time and utilizing it properly.

Ultimately, we cannot escape the effect of time. Time is the most powerful tool in a person’s hand and it is necessary that one is punctual and make good use of their time. We can see that all the people who are successful nowadays utilize their time well. It is best we invest our time in our health and productive activities. Today is a gift that’s why it’s called a present, and proper utilization of time will shape a better tomorrow for everyone. The importance of time cannot be stressed enough and is important for all to work accordingly. The time we waste is going to waste us in the future as we will be useless for society and for ourselves if we involve in bad activities.

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