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With the development of science and technologies, it has given us many gifts that have helped shape our lives and make them easier. Out of those technologies, a computer is one of the major ones. A computer was first invented with the hopes of achieving faster calculations but now it has progressed to such levels that the computer itself can learn and interact with the world. It has transformed from a big house like structure to the size that can be easily accommodated in the palms of our hands. With the development of science, the computer has gone faster, better, and cheaper. In today’s world, Smartphones are all the craze now.

Smartphones are small palm-sized devices that are capable of things unimaginable by mankind in previous times. They’re also widely known as mobile phones among the general public. Mobile phones have shrunk the world into the size of our palms. This implies that the mobile phones we use have so many functions built into them, it connects people together. The days of telephones and telegrams are long gone these days to be replaced by cell phones. There’s no need to carry GPS, Maps, Music player or Cameras, Flashlights, etc. you can find them all on a mobile phone. Telecommunication technology is the reason the mobile phone is widely known. With just a device you can carry around in your pocket, you can talk to people all over the world, contact and call your friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc.

The limits of mobile phones do not stop only there. The facility of the internet or having data access with your phone makes many things possible. Contacting people or working through the home using emails and other websites as a gateway, one can even establish their business from their homes. You can browse through the internet, play games, enjoy the various things multimedia has to offer you, book events, share your thoughts with others, interconnect with people, etc. Using E-books, downloading songs, health regulators that keep track of your health, games or movies online to watch and play later, all can be done. Even more, business is done using a mobile phone. The provision of online shopping is very prevalent these days.

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Although It’s not done by all, many people prefer to not go out of their comfort zones for shopping. Fruits, vegetables, or other edibles, all can be selected and then paid for through online transactions. Products are safely delivered to one’s doorstep. The same thing applies to other items or equipment too. There are many tools a mobile phone offers too such as Calculators, currency converters, calendars, and so much more.

The camera is another major use and purpose of a mobile phone. It makes the use of lenses inbuilt to capture videos and pictures. It makes things really convenient and the technologies used in the cameras in phones these days are of top qualities capable of capturing in 8k resolution. It also saves the hassle of carrying a camera all the time. It can also be used in emergencies. People can call emergency numbers to get assistance in times of trouble. This has helped many people in crisis.

Access to mobile telecommunication is prevalent in most places of the world. Most people who surf the internet use mobile phones as it is convenient and efficient. People nowadays have considered having a mobile phone a necessity and mobile phone manufacturers have seen a rise in their industrial growth. But with the ever-growing popularity of cell phones, we can also see the downfall of human health. Mobile phone technology has no doubt made a few too many people lazy.

People laying on their bed going through their social media, ordering food online, and just focusing on the online world have hampered human life. Various telephone and email scams can be seen these days making people lose large sums of money that is refundable. A mobile phone is a huge distraction to anyone, kids to adults. Many vehicle accidents are also due to the carelessness of using mobile phones as they’re driving and losing focus. Even children these days are hooked on their mobile phones having their eyes glued to the screen while eating, or even doing homework.

The introduction of telecommunication and internet facilities have made people introverted away from the real world. Health problems such as ill-formed backs, eye damages can be seen in teens these days. Although it may be hereditary or due to other health complications, mobile phones and other technologies also have a share in this. It is also scientifically proven that people who are more exposed to mobile phones in the long term may suffer rare tumors and under certain circumstances, genetic damages can also be done.

Technology is fast-paced and there is no way we can go back now. Going back will be as equivalent as going back to ancient times. This is why we must embrace the technologies we have now and make the best use of them. Humans are strong individuals because of our ability to decide good or bad. Likewise, we should also know bad for us and try to reduce the exposure to the inside world and focus more on the outside. Adults should also positively reinforce their children or younger ones about mobile phones and try to keep them away from their potential dangers.

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