Essay on Climate Change | 700+ Words Paragraph on Climate Change

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Essay on climate change

Climate Change is considered one of the sensitive topics concerning the future of our earth. Climate Change is the combination of two words, Climate and Change. Climate refers to the average atmospheric weather conditions over a large area while change refers to the alteration. Hence together, Climate Change refers to the change in the atmospheric environmental conditions on earth. Although this is a natural process and climates change over time, frequent and unorderly changing of climate is taking place due to human activities. This brings various adverse effects to the human and the ecosystem. One of the reasons that many animals and plants go extinct daily is also due to this.

Since the creation of the earth, the geographical and atmospherical change it has gone through is extraordinary. As time went by, humans slowly emerged through evolution and were the first and only to have such sharp brains to carry activities, interact, socialize with other peers, and mostly have to idea to invent. The power of the brain helped humans progress and rise on top of the food chain, invent various scientific tools that made life easier. In the 21st century, we have come from using stone spears to using automated weapons all due to the brain. We have revolutionized industries. But with such revolution, we have also brought in various effects to climatic and nature. Starting from the 20th century we have seen a rise in pollution. We have seen a significant change in weather patterns since the 20th century. Human beings are continuously taking advantage of nature without repaying the favor back.

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The oxygen we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we stand on and live are all nature’s work. But all humans have done is pollute the earth. Without proper plans and policies industries are being built which throws so much waste into the air. Natural calamities such as volcanic eruption, earthquakes, or landslides play a role in polluting the environment. The gases released into the atmosphere destroys the ozone layer which shields us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If such rays hit our body, it becomes toxic, we may have allergies, burns, and even permanent eye damage. This alone shows how harmful it is to an individual. UV rays also hamper crop production. If there is less crop production then solving world hunger is something far away to achieve. It can also cause chromosomal damage, i.e Damage to the DNA.

The greenhouse gases emitted by vehicles and industries are also raising the temperature of the earth. As the temperature increases, various changes in the ecosystem can be seen by us.  The warmer the earth gets the winds to influence the climate and weather more. The wind patterns change and with it rain cycle also does. Wind patterns influence the rain clouds and hence some places receive faster while some receive rain late. In some places, drought occurs while some floods. Rain plays a major role in maintaining and replenishing water levels.

Without it, the jungle turns into a dry patch of land with dead trees and plants. Landscape change and polar caps melt increasing the sea level. Sea level rise brings various risks. Polar wildlife will be in danger due to the ice slowly melting and countries such as the Maldives will go underwater. All and all, climate change will bring around various negative changes on earth. Plants and animals will slowly be extinct, jungles will be turned into deserts and deserts into fertile land. Our human life will also be endangered with the ever-changing harsh weather that will take place.

Although stopping industrial and vehicle exhausts is impossible, we can use various means and plans to help slow it until we have a proper solution in the future. This is why afforestation is necessary. Afforestation helps conserve animals and their habitat, help humans in the future with their timber and other products they provide and help nature. They absorb harmful gasses and turn them into oxygen for humans to respire with. Vehicles and industries should consider using static filters to reduce the number of toxic substances in the air. People should also be aware of the individual level. They should know about the consequences of climate change, learn to recycle, and reduce pollution. Reduced pollution creates less strain on the environment overall boosting the health of the people and the ecosystem too. Although natural activities cannot be stopped, we should do whatever we can to try and reduce climate change and battle it.

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