Beautiful Girl Sleeping

World Sleep Day, March 13, Theme, Quotes and Facts

What is World Sleep Day? World Sleep Day is an annual event celebrated with the motto of promoting good and…

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women's day

Best Women’s Day Quotes Collection – Int’l Women’s Day

Share these best International Women’s Day Quotes compiles by Greeting Lines and support Women’s rights around the world. These are…

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Sonam Losar celebration

What is Sonam Losar and Its Importance

Sonam Losar is a special festival of Tamang Community from Nepal. The word Losar (Lhosar) means New Year or the…

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what is makar sankranti

What is Makar Sankranti ? Makar Sankranti Date in 2020

What is Makar Sankranti? Makar Sankranti (also called Maghe Sankranti in Nepal, Maghi¬† Parba in Maithili) is a common festival…

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