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essay on technology

Essay on Technology

Technology, in general, refers to all the tools, machines, or devices used in our day to day life. It is the result of the advancement of science. Technology in a broader sense can be understood as the use of scientific knowledge and discoveries to accomplish our tasks easily and quickly. All around us is technology from mobile phones, television to means of transport like cars, buses and so on. Technology has become an integral part of our life and without it, our life can’t be imagined.

History of Technology

The word technology comprises two Greek words ‘techne’ which means art and craft and ‘logos’ which means word or speech. The usage of this term dates back to the 17th century. Technology has evolved much more since the industrial revolution of the 1760s. The revolution became the result of many prominent inventions like a steam engine, typewriters, photographic machines, telegraph communications, etc. Moreover, many scientists like Pascal, Charles Babbage, Newton gave their important contributions to the field of technology. The technological advancement was much more during the era of World War I and World War II. These wars caused the rise of military weapons, fighting vehicles, grenades, bombs, etc. In the past years, technology has evolved much more and completely changed the lifestyle of human beings.

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Ancient and Modern Technologies

Since the stone age, human beings have been crafting different types of tools for their comfort. In ancient times, humans used natural tools like sticks and stones for hunting and protecting themselves. After humans start depending on agriculture and animal husbandry, technology innovations increased remarkably. They invented various tools and weapons to aid their tasks. The fire was also an important discovery in prehistoric times to power technology. After the evolvement of industries, various industrial machines were invented to promote manufacturing.

People started to feel the need for a transportation medium which ultimately led to the inventions of various vehicles. In this way, technology has evolved from prehistoric to the modern age. Nowadays, we have advanced much more in terms of technology. The robots are being used for doing various household as well as industrial tasks. Mobile phones and the internet have made this world a global village. The evolvement of various communication techs and mass media has changed the way we communicate with each other. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in different fields like healthcare, security, warfare, and so on.

Advantages of Technology

Technology has become a vital part of our life. Without the use of technology, we can’t imagine a simple and comfortable life.  All things we use like mobile phones, television, washing machine, bicycle are technology. Internet is probably the most famous means to spread information. Using the internet, one can easily get the news, views, updates, and insights of the world. People can communicate with each other through voice calls and video calls. The use of technologies has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Moreover, using the internet one can easily work from home, do their official works, do online shopping, and much more activities. Using communication gadgets like mobile phones, telephones people feel connected with each other. Technology is important for students too.

The use of technologies has enhanced the teaching-learning activities. Students actively take part in the visual learning process through animations using various software and programs. They can surf various learning websites, collect data and information related to their course content, and can also take different online tutorials. Moreover, technology also saves time for people and makes them more productive. The transportation process is made easy with the use of various vehicles. Large companies use computers and other different gadgets to accomplish their work. Industrial tasks are automated by the use of machines and robots that have resulted in large production in a shorter time. Whether be it the field of industry, banking, education, transport, communication, or security, it is the technology that has made the works easier and smoother.

Disadvantages of Technology

Although technology has made human life easier, it also has a lot of bad effects on our life. Modern gadgets waste time of people. Gadgets like mobile phones, television, video games, music players, etc. kill the precious time of the people. Instead of doing productive tasks, many people involve themselves in such unimportant activities. Thus, it has caused a distraction from the study as well as work. This diverts people from their ambitions and goals. It reduces the creativity of people. Many young minds are addicted to technology. Overuse of technology leads to isolation from society, family members and may even cause anxiety and depression. It can also harm physical and mental health.

Technologies have effects on the environment too. Different vehicles which run with fuels cause air pollution. Industrial wastes and chemicals result in the pollution of water and land. Heavy vehicles, airplanes, loud music players cause sound pollution. Moreover, excessive use of technology in every sector has lowered the value of human workers. Technology can even cause threats and danger to people, society, and nation. Miltary weapons like guns, bombs, grenades, land mines are used in the war among groups or nations which leads to the mass death of the people. Thus, even technology is a gift to everyone without which life cannot be imagined but we cannot deny the severe impact of technologies on our life and environment.

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