Essay on Patriotism | 600+ Words Paragraph on Patriotism

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Essay on Patriotism

As human beings, we are bound to many emotions, feelings, and possessions. Happiness, sadness, jealousy, Pride, etc are all such emotions that one feels. Out of them, patriotism is also one emotion that one feels when they’re bounded to their homeland. Patriotism in a general sense refers to the quality belonging to a person that feels love, pride, and honor for their nation. The people who have such qualities are called patriots. A patriot is a courageous person who supports their country in every turn and does not think twice before devoting their lives for the goodwill of the nation. They believe a motherland is as great as a mother as they were born, raised, and supported by the homeland. Without it they would not have existed. Such an idea of patriotism is an essential backbone for any country.

It is true, our motherland we are born on is as important to us as a mother is. Our mother brings us into the world while our motherland helps sustain and rear us. It provides us various resources for us to sustain our lives. So it gives us a reason to think that our motherland comes first. All the rights and facilities we’re enjoying right now is due to the presence of our motherland. People who put themselves over their country are not patriots. People who live in their country naturally must be bounded by certain duties for their homeland. A patriot is an essential backbone for any country. People who are patriots love their country and have a sense of pride in it. Such people can work endlessly for the good for their country.

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People partake in development activities, give out what they can to help people and the development of the country, and do not leave their country in search for better opportunities, they create one. that being said, It does not mean that people who leave their country for opportunities are non-patriots. There are many people who join the foreign military, establish their courage and make their homeland stand out. Even if a war breaks out, a true patriot is never afraid of death for their country and the people that they’re close to. It is a pride and honor to be a pillar for the development of their country for patriots.

Being a patriot does not only mean being brave enough to sacrifice their lives for the country. It refers to the vision and the willpower of people wanting to see their country develop. Being a responsible citizen is also one form of patriotism. If everyone in their country is responsible then it automatically leads to no corruption, no lack of facilities and decentralization, eradication of social evils and problems, and following of rules and policies of the government. Such responsibility lies in the hands of the citizens of the country. Political powers and personalities should also be patriots wanting to see the country develop and putting their country first over their personal gain and greed. If such is done then a country will truly develop

Being a patriot does not mean hating other countries. This is the era of global brotherhood, the world has become a small place. It is necessary to maintain a friendly relationship with all people all over the world. Patriotism means to share and communicate positive qualities such as happiness, positivity, and courage to all the people too. Motivating others also falls as an example. Spreading international brotherhood, joy and practicing peace, and focusing the mind on development at a steady pace is the duty of a true patriot. in the early times, frequent battles and wars waged between countries. People defended it and or battled for independence. Such is an example of patriotism at its finest.

Truly human nature is fascinating, having bounded with intangible things and loving it as if it were one’s own flesh and blood. Patriotism is essential to establish an identity for the world to see. But for the sake of Patriotism, one should never forget one‚Äôs duty towards humanity in general. Such levels of patriotism encourage narrow and mindless fanaticism is a bad type of patriotism that has no place in a fastly progressing civilization of today. but in the end, human nature truly is fascinating, having bounded with intangible things and loving it as if it were one’s own flesh and blood.

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