Essay on Tamu Lhosar

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Essay on Tamu Lhosar | 600+ Words

The types of festivals celebrated in Nepal are not only limited to the Hindu community. There are also many festivals of people following other religions and cultures. Losar is also one of these festivals celebrated by the people of Nepal. It is one of the festivals celebrated by people of the Himalayan region as the people who celebrate it lie in that region. There are different types of Losar that are celebrated in Nepal. They are Tamu Losar (Gurung), Sonam Losar (Tamang), and Gyalpo Losar (Sherpa). Each of these Losar separated by people of different castes.

Tamu Losar is celebrated by the Gurung community in Nepal. Tamu is another name of Nepal’s Gurung family. Tamu Losar is the beginning of the Sambat Tamu according to the Gurung calendar. Sambat Tamu refers to the calendar of Gurung people. On every 15th Poush month of Bikram Sambat calendar (December and January), Tamu Losar is celebrated. Losar is the moment when members of the family of all ages meet and share love and greetings, It is relatable to the Dashain festival of The Hindus.

Tamu Losar is celebrated by Gurungs throughout the world by organizing events in traditional outfits and cultural programs. They wear traditional clothes where men wear Bhangra, a white cloth shirt-like apparel tied across the chest and open like a bag at the back (for carrying things), and a Kachhad, like a short sarong or kilt. Gurung women, both children, and adolescents were seen in their maroon velvet Ghalek (blouses), enhanced by large gold earrings and semi-precious stone necklaces.

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As it carries religious, cultural, and historical importance, people celebrate this festival to their best and make this festival memorable. Also on that day, they attend celebrations and festivities on Buddhist shrines. In the older times, people used to gather in courtyards in ancient times around the villages to celebrate Losar. In Kathmandu, Losar is commended in Tundikhel ground at the downtown area energetic with brilliant slows down and individuals flooding. There are numerous stalls set up by the people celebrating, eating drinking, refreshing, and selling.

The warm welcome and hospitality at the Losar festival start off with the plates served at the festival with Sel Roti (Nepali roasted ring-shaped bread ) and Achaar (Nepali pickles).Poush15th represents the end of the winter and the start of spring, which also makes Tamu Losar beautiful with seasonal changes. Individuals take endowments from priests for their advancement, thriving, and joy. Each home raises a banner on the head of its rooftop.

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A gathering is sorted out at home and solicitations are sent to family members and companions. Delightful food, music, and movement become the substance of gathering. Greetings and various gifts are also exchanged among one another. Losar is commended in Tundikhel ground at the downtown area energetic with brilliant slows down and individuals flooding inside on Poush 15 under Nepali Bikram Sambat Calendar. Push 15 denotes the finish of winter and the beginning of spring that likewise carries warmness and appeals to Tamu Losar. It bids farewell to winter and welcomes the everlasting spring.

The idea of good occasions is pleasantness, acceptable organization, and culture. Little and huge gatherings had scrumptious Gurung dishes on the floor. Urban and ethnic music is performed. Custom made liquor is likewise served. On Tamu Losar, there are open occasions. The commitments of the Gurung culture in Nepal incorporate Rodhighar, Chudka, Sorathi, Ghantu, and Dhori.  Like every other festival celebrated in our country, this festival also has a problem of mindset. Extravagance is not necessary. People have the mindset the more grand their occasion is the more their luck and glory. It isn’t that. The spirit of a festival is to celebrate it joyously with what one has with their closest ones.

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