Essay on Mother | 700+ Words Paragraph About Mother

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Essay on Mother 800+ Words Paragraph About Mother

It is without a doubt that the 21 st century is the age of competition and rivalry. People judge each other through their might and status and earn respect through it. This age is also cruel to the poor and mediocre people. But out of all the people you meet and see, there is only one person in the world who will never judge you, love you the same no matter what, and take care of you. She’s a woman, she’s a mother. The word itself is enough to fill everyone with emotions. A mother is certainly the most important and forgiving human being and a mother’s love cannot be compared with anything. There is no need to explain how much a mother can care for their child and sacrifice their happiness for them. They are the embodiment of angels.

It is indeed very difficult to describe a mother in words. For every child, a mother is the most caring and loving person they will have ever met in life. Every mother possesses such qualities that make them comparable to gods and goddesses. She is the one that suffers extreme pain from the labor and brings us into the world. A person would not be there anymore if not for their mother. Even great people who made significant changes to the world or rule, they are born from their mother. A mother’s blood, sweat, tears all go into the caring of her womb that is soon to be her child. She nurtures her child delicately and sacrifices her desires for their children.

A mother does not let her child feel alone even for a moment. From the moment the piece of her blood and sweat is born, he/she is drowned in their mother’s love. She is the perfect example of selfless love and compassion. There is no match for her love and compassion on the surface of the earth and other relations sound dim when compared with her. She is our teacher, guide, leader, and the person who we fully trust and love. She teaches us how to stand on our feet, take steps, and move forward in life. What she shows towards her child is true, she might fake her happiness for her child. She cant stand to see her child hungry nor sad and becomes ill if their child is. Their love is immeasurable.

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This goes to show that we must respect and love our mother equally too. But a trend is being seen in a few places that children when getting older drop their parents off in elderly homes instead of keeping them in their houses and loving them. A mother is the first institution where a person learns everything to become a good human. A mother’s hug gives a sense of protection, warmth, and love which makes one forget all worries. Such a great sacrifice of her blood, sweat, tears, and hardships have been faced to raise a child, and treating mothers ill is no way of repaying them of their deed.

A mother wishes their child for their best always. They might even resort to beatings and scolding to put them in the correct order. As a child or an adult, one must know that scolding and beatings a mother does are for their own good. The more a person loves, the stricter they become as they don’t want them falling in bad activities. A mother’s selfless love may even move the heavens, shake the mountains as it is that powerful and nothing can shake her firm will protect their children.

The value of something only is realized once it is long gone. It is the same for mothers, her value isn’t realized until she is long gone. It is best to acknowledge what she has done for us, respect, and love her, and never make her feel bad. We need to return the same love she has given to us while raising up. Disrespecting her is as equally bad morally and spiritually.¬† She is everything to a child and a child is everything to her. A person should never forget her mother and treat her the best. Only then the faith of humanity shall be restored for all. Everyone should make their mother proud by being a good example for society.

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