Essay on Importance of Discipline In Student’s Life 700+ words

importance of discipline

Essay on Importance of Discipline In Student’s Life

Discipline is one of the most significant personality traits in an individual’s life. Discipline is the way of being honest, hard-working, motivated & encouraged throughout life. This character is very important in one’s life as it helps maintain behavior. Saints and monks who meditate also first practice the art of discipline. A person who is well disciplined is on track and has orderliness in life. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment, hence it is the key to success. Discipline establishes a good basis for being selective, independent, punctual, focused, encouraged, and stay organized in life. Similarly, discipline is very important in a student’s life.

Discipline in student life attracts all the right things, and because of this, students gain success in each field of their life. In a student’s life, the discipline is always catered as a guide to focus on their goals. A disciplined student focuses on their goals and their mind does not wonder about other useless things.

A well-disciplined child has a positive attitude in life. A well-disciplined student is focused. Discipline teaches students to be concentrated and motivated toward their studies as well as other areas of their life. Someone with strong goals is more focused and always keeps his job on time in daily life. It helps the student to remain calm and composed. This helps him/her to maintain the focus and to keep moving on with the problems.

Meanwhile, a student who is not disciplined finds it hard to concentrate on their studies. A well-disciplined student is also active. They know what is best for them. An active student follows disciplined habits such as regular exercise, having good food, and rest well. Discipline helps the student to maintain a proper schedule for everything which includes time for all his/her subjects.

A disciplined student has good self-control. A well-disciplined person always remains happy by relieving stress in the face of tension during examinations or day-to-day work. Proper discipline helps students build a positive attitude towards everything. This helps them to improve their performance slowly and steadily.

An example of a well-disciplined student is to study well ahead of time and not just before exams. With such discipline, the work is planned well and executed in time. Discipline helps one stay stress-free and also get out of depression. Studying well ahead of time even before exams will automatically also have a positive impact on the student’s academic achievements.

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There are various other advantages of being disciplined in life, i.e. coming to school on time, waking up early in the morning, have a bath, and have breakfast on time. It helps students to listen to their teacher carefully and also helps them to understand the whole syllabus. If the students follow the discipline, they complete their given assignments within time.

In addition to getting good grades, students also learn a lot of new useful information as a disciplined student. Discipline makes students punctual and helps avoid procrastination. Responsibility also comes with discipline. A Disciplined student realizes their responsibility in the society, house, and among their friends. Their mind is well focused and doesn’t have time to think about useless information. The Student follows the law and order as they know there is no use lingering around and wasting time by breaking order in the society. This sets up a good example for people. They also encourage other students of their class to be disciplined as well.

A disciplined person is always respected by society. Like this, a well-disciplined student is also a good role model for others.  A disciplined person is always respected by society. Their determination to achieve their goals makes them a respectable figure. Good discipline generates a positive attitude towards society. It creates confidence and eagerness to do something great. This automatically establishes a leadership capability in their bones.

From the text above, we can see that discipline is indeed very important; on both levels: individually and collectively for the society. A positive attitude brings positive change in society and oneself. Discipline hones both the mind and the body. All negative emotions and thinking are eradicated. Which helps people to showcase their positive attitude and represent their character and thinking. There are various ways to bring discipline to the life of students, like that we can also start being disciplined. It is the art of the mind and body which is necessary for all fields.

Proper self-control, being patient and punctual, a positive attitude, determination, and hard work is very important for the future which a disciplined student has.  A disciplined person always sets a good example for others. It becomes difficult to live a happy & secure life without proper discipline. If we try to live in our way, there will be indiscipline and chaos. Discipline helps to address individual problems and develop a society that is both peaceful and respectful. Therefore, it would be right to say that without discipline there is no life at all.

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