How to Rewrite Your Essay to Make it Better Than the Original 

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Essay writing is a special skill, but it isn’t that hard to acquire. There are a few tactics if applied correctly, that can help you gain mastery of this skill. 

For example, your essay doesn’t need to be incredible on the first try. Rewriting the first draft is a technique that can bring out an essay’s maximum potential. 

Rewriting is a process that can transform your essay from being well-written to being truly exceptional. In this article, we are going to explain everything related to this process and help you elevate the quality of your essays.

Why Do You Need to Rewrite an Essay?

On the first try of writing your essay, you might be more focused on expressing what’s on your mind. That’s why you might lose track of some technical aspects of your essay. These can include:

  • Readability
  • Word Choice
  • Flow of content
  • Length of sentences and paragraphs

These things seem like minor errors but can have seriously negative effects on the quality of your essay. 

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Steps for Rewriting an Essay

In the next sections, you will see various tips or steps that can be followed to rewrite your essay to perfection. 

1. Understand the Original Meaning

The first step for rewriting text is to understand its meaning. If you don’t exactly know the meaning of a sentence, you might disturb its meaning while rewriting. 

How to Rewrite Your Essay to Make it Better Than the Original

Since you have written the essay yourself, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand the meaning of sentences. But still, sometimes, there can be instances where you can’t understand what you have written.

To understand such flawed sentences, you can:

  • Speak the sentences aloud
  • Read sentences backward
  • See the neighboring sentences to understand the context

2. Eliminate Redundancy and Wordiness

Redundancy is one of the most common mistakes seen in the first draft of a write-up. This is also seen in essays and articles. Sometimes, it is hard to think of varying words to use, and you end up using the same repetitive words. 

How to Rewrite Your Essay to Make it Better Than the Original

This can make your essay or article look very wordy. During the rewriting process, you have to remove this wordiness. The tips given below can help you in this process:

  • Replace repeating words with relevant synonyms.
  • Alter sentence structures if they sound similar.
  • Remove additional and unnecessary sentences.

This process can now also be done in an automated manner. In other words, now you don’t have to find these mistakes manually and fix them. Online tools exist that can now rewrite article for you in just a few moments. The good thing about these tools is that they are equipped with AI which enables them to understand the context and suggest changes (words, phrases, and sentence structures) accordingly.

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3. Improve Clarity and Coherence of Ideas 

An essay needs to have a smooth flow with interconnected information. You have to explain different aspects of the same thing. This means that these aspects should be somehow related to each other.

How to Rewrite Your Essay to Make it Better Than the Original

It is rather common to lose focus on the primary objective while writing an essay. But coherence-related errors are fairly easy to detect. When you are proofreading, you will immediately be able to spot irrelevant sections. To rewrite them, you can follow these tips:

  • Write according to the contextual meaning of the paragraph
  • Replace words with synonyms that fit better according to the situation
  • Remove the sentence if it is completely irrelevant

4. Add Quality References

An essay’s worth can skyrocket if you provide high-quality, relevant references. For example, a technology essay can include technology usage statistics. You can find such studies online.

How to Rewrite Your Essay to Make it Better Than the Original

These references make the essay more valuable and informative. If you want to add these to your essays, search them up on the internet, and find spots where they would fit in the essay. The reference addition shouldn’t be abrupt but natural.  Quoting or linking them is extremely important as it would be considered plagiarism otherwise.

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5. Break Down the Essay into Shorter Paragraphs

Throughout this article, we have focused on keeping things simple and straightforward. This last tip or step is also going to be related to that. During the rewriting process, you can make changes to the formatting of the essay as well.

Lengthy passages can cause readability issues. That’s why you should cut them into sections. Converting a long passage into shorter paragraphs can make it much easier for the reader to understand your writing.


There are endless amounts of enhancements that can be added to your essay while rewriting it. We have explained some of the common ones. If you weren’t aware of them, then this is the time for you to improve your essay rewriting skills. 

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