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Essay on Nature

Our lives are a gift from Nature. Everything we find on earth, use it for our advantages or good all are gifted by Nature itself. But what is nature? Everything we see around us the trees, the beautiful landscape, the elements; wind, water are all part of nature. Nature includes all the lives on earth, even we are a part of nature. It is a beautiful blessing for us human beings to have been gifted this very life and the environment we live in. Nature is also referred to as “mother” as a mother’s unconditional love is unparalleled. They give everything they have for us, protect us, feed us but expect nothing in return. In short, nature is the very creation of life.

Nature has given us so much to ponder at. It has become the center of the creation of many arts and ideas. It is the inspiration and guiding factor for many. All great poets in the world have mentioned nature in their writings too. There are so many scenic and beautiful landscapes on earth such as the great valleys, oceans, mountains, wildlife, etc. People travel for miles to see a sunset, explore a certain naturally made place, enjoy the scenery. It all gives us a sense of relaxation as one ponders and gets lost in the beauty of nature.

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Nature itself is very breathtaking. Although it is our duty to protect nature and be thankful for what it has given us, it is also very powerful. The elements such as wildlife, plants, structures, wind, water are all under it. If one goes missing or anything happens to it, the future of mankind will be catastrophic. Rain and the sun, the two most important element that helps us sustain are also derived from nature. This proves to show how powerful it is. The term nature cannot be defined and it is an abstract concept. But in conclusion, all the activities we are performing in comfort nowadays are because nature has been sustaining itself.

We, humans, are the most advanced species on Earth. It is without a doubt that the human mind is unlike any and it has given rise to inventions that people thought would not be possible in the past. It also goes to show that we dominate all the other species. But at this rate of our technological advancements, nature is getting polluted at a very fast rate. We human beings are hazardously abusing our mother nature without thinking about its consequences.

Nature takes time to heal itself but we are polluting it faster. All the CO2 and greenhouse emissions are degrading the air quality and the protection given to us by nature. The rapid rate of deforestation we are doing is hampering nature. Release of toxins in air and water, uncontrolled water contamination, pollution, etc all harm nature. But nature does not sit back and watch this. It punishes us too. It punishes us in the form of various natural disasters such as landslides, floods, droughts, acid rains, etc. It is all the result of our pollution.

Rapid urbanization and the use of natural resources will also equally punishing to us in the future. Some natural resources take millions of years to be restocked and their massive use will lead to scarcity. Urbanization will also destroy a lot of forests and jungles and animals will have no place to live in. This will also lead to animals being seen in city areas and cause chaos. The extinction of animals will also be nothing new If this continues. The breaking of the chain of the ecosystem will affect us negatively.

Everything starts from a small step. By taking small steps by all of us people will help mother nature heal by a lot. Planting trees, using bio-degradable materials, following the rules of 3Rs, having proper conservation and use of natural resources, etc. will help mother nature breathe again. After all, nature has done so much for us, and destroying it will do us no good. People should be well informed about its destruction and how to slowly stabilize it. Proper plans and policies should be in place, the government should also follow its nature conservation plans strictly. It won’t make a difference just by planting trees or cleaning locations on a single day, we must do it as often as possible. Only then we can help nature.

Nothing is as best of a teacher, mother, and friend as nature is to us. But unfortunately due to our acts, nature has suffered a lot. It is now our duty to realize the importance of nature and how it is going to negatively affect us all if this rapid depletion of natural resources, pollution, rapid urbanization takes place.

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