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Water is a very important element in our life. We cannot survive without water and our lives cannot be imagined without it. Our earth is 3/4-part water but still, there are many places without any access to the sea, ocean, or other water resources. Even though there are no nearby water resources there still are lush green forests and a vast ecosystem.

This is where the season cycle comes into action. A season is a part of a year that is divided into four parts: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. All the seasons have their own characteristics. Similarly, it is the summer season when it rains. Rain is the shower of water from the skies. When waterfalls into the earth, the earth is energized, the dirt is cleaned. The importance of the rainy season cannot be emphasized enough. Water is vital for our lives and the rainwater that falls due to various factors help in the maintenance of life on earth.

The rainy season is also known as the wet season or the monsoon season. It is caused by the changes in the flow of the winds including other geological factors. The essence of the rainy season is vast. Since it lies in the summer heat, the rain provides relief against the heat of the sun. The temperature is cooler and the air is fresh and cool to breathe. The rainy weather is a fun time where a person can grab their drink and enjoy the rain. Rain may also be a source of inspiration for many. people also like to enjoy solitude while it’s raining.

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Not only for human beings but Rain beings about a massive change to nature. The forests, other trees, shrubs, bushes all are rejuvenated and life seems to have been sprung into action as animals are also active the most in the rainy season. The rainfall also helps the plants grow. The animals and plants all enjoy this season as the rain hits their dry skins and barks. Some of the rainwater seeps into the earth’s crust and remains underground between the rocks where it becomes the source of groundwater. Although less than 2 percent of the earth’s water is found underwater, it provides 30% of our freshwater reserves. The rainwater also refills water sources such as lakes and rivers. The monsoon season is also the time that the farmers look forward to as the rain helps their crops grow a lot. Many farmers from developing / underdeveloped countries depend on rainwater for their crops to grow too. So Rainy season is a blessing for not only farmers but all the people, plants, and animals.

But a curse can also come in the form of a blessing. When there is over rainfall, disasters such as soil erosion, flooding, landslides, etc occur due to which the animals have to retreat to the higher ground. As excessive rain washes away the needed minerals and nutrients in the soil, soil erosion also occurs. Over rainfall also destroys the crop which the farmers have been waiting for. Floods also destroy natural and man-made structures equally. During this season there is an increase in water-borne diseases such as malaria. Monsoon can also make people suffer from diseases such s jaundice, typhoid, and cholera as there is a sudden drop in temperature and water sources may be contaminated.

We can in no way predict the occurrence of natural disasters nor stop them. But we can mitigate its effect on the environment and us. This is why terrace farming should be introduced. It reduces the massive destruction of fertile land. The high rate of deforestation is also another reason for soil erosion. The root of the trees holds the soil in place. When there are no trees the soil becomes loose and hence disasters such as landslides occur.

This is why Afforestation is necessary for barren hill areas. We should also be prepared in the case of floods. Tall rocked walls should be made to barricade vast amounts of water. Houses should not be encouraged to build near the shores of rivers and lakes and proper evacuation routes and plans should be created for both floods and landslides. The rainy season is one of the seasons where one has to take utmost care of their health during these times and drink water from clean sources.

In conclusion, the rainy season is the season of great rejoice and energy for all plants, animals, and human beings.

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