Essay on Water Resource | 700+ Paragraph on Water Resource

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Essay on Water Resource

Out of various things that a human being needs for survival, water is one of them. Water is one of the most precious resources for humans as well as other creatures living. It is very essential and comes from its own resource. Resource in simple terms can be defined as the place where a certain substance can be widely found and supplied from. So water resources are the sources from where we can obtain water. They are vital for humans and other animals alike. But like everything, water resource to isn’t infinite. Although the water cycle helps replenish some amount of water sources, human activities are not helping it stabilize and distribute it evenly.

Our earth is 3 half water but we still face problems of water scarcity. This is because out of the water resources that can be found like the seas and the oceans only 2.5% is readily available for human consumption. Other water resources are either salty or not suitable for consumption. The water we can drink is known as freshwater. Freshwater can be found in sources like rivers, streams, glacial lakes, wells, etc. Water found here is drinkable and not harmful for humans and other animals. Freshwater comes from sources like mountains, underground water lakes, etc. This is an important resource that we must try and not pollute.

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Without water, we cannot imagine our life. The scarcity of water resources will bring extinction to other animals and human races. Water is not only used by humans for drinking and maintaining their bodily systems but also for other purposes. We use water for irrigation, cleansing our bodies, washing our clothes, other equipment, and objects, manufacture other products, etc. It is very essential to run our daily life. So we can imagine the importance it carries for other animals and plants too. It is due to the presence of water and sunlight that the plants can produce fruits, products and give off O2, without it, we cannot survive too. In a way, it is all a cycle where one depends on another.

But there are cases where we can hear people dying from thirst and the lack of availability of water. This is mainly due to the climatic changes that occur. Climate change can all be traced back to human activities. Unmanaged industrialization and urbanization have massively reduced the quality of air, water, and soil. It has left them polluted where the quality of health decreases altogether. It also leads to change in weather patterns due to greenhouse effects and other activities. Loss of human settlement, lives of people and animals take place due to the weather changes as drought, floods occur. Ecosystems also change and most importantly, the water cycle.

Some places receive less while some places receive over rainfall too. People who depend on rainwater for farming are left helpless as they watch their crops dry away or drown in the heavy rainfall. Not only that lack of water resources can be seen in places that rely heavily on huge sources of water. Clean drinking water is required for the body to flush out unwanted wastes and keep fit. Bad water resources will degrade the health of the residents.

Proper thoughts must be given out for the management of water resources. Water demand already exceeds in most places of the world and with the current rate of depletion of water resources we can soon see scarcity of water everywhere. For this, plans and policies must be carried out to promote afforestation as it helps maintain the water cycle, absorb air pollution to some extent and keep the ecosystem running. Factory and home wastes should also not be dumped near water resources to keep them away from pollution and infestation. Water resources should be kept clean and activities such as washing clothes, toiletry should be avoided near them.  People should be kept aware of the growing scarcity of water and make them not wastewater, use alternatives like rainwater too. We can recycle water by using them in irrigation too.

Water resources are vital for the survival of human beings. We cannot live without it and it is the duty of the most intelligent species on Earth to be responsible for the pollution we’re doing and try and divert the oncoming crisis. We are responsible for other creatures on Earth too. Water should not be used extravagantly and pollution should be avoided. That way we can maximise the amount of time we have to think for better solutions like using sea water in factory amounts to produce clean drinking water for all.

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