Essay on Education | 800+ Words Paragraph on Education

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Essay on Education

Education is everyone’s basic need. For us, getting an education is as important as getting food, clothes, and shelter. Education improves human life and equips us with knowledge of diverse fields. The success of an individual solely depends on how he/she is educated.

In simple words, education means acquiring knowledge and ideas. In a broader sense, education is the process of gaining knowledge, ideas, and information about various aspects that are vital and significant to life as well as society. Education can be obtained in two ways, the formal and informal. Formal education is obtained by joining schools, colleges, or universities whereas informal education is obtained through our experiences in family, society, and the nation. Education is generally considered as knowledge through academic institutions but the process of education starts from birth till death. Whatever we learn, hear, experience during life is an education. A child in the family is taught to respect elders, follow social ethics are also some practices of education.

Education has a very important significance in human life. That’s why it is said education is an invaluable asset of the human. Physical properties may be destroyed but education gained by someone remains for his or her whole life. It is the education that distinguishes us from other living creatures on the earth. It makes us aware and broadens our minds. An educated person is disciplined and civilized. He knows what is wrong and what is right. It enlightens us with moral ethics and values. It develops qualities like obedience, confidence, punctuality, tolerance, smartness, and so on. It teaches us how to respect and give importance to others.

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An uneducated person often acts stupid and can’t take proper decisions in life. He is often disrespected in society. He lacks good qualities and manners. On the other hand, an educated person holds a good position in society. He teaches discipline and manners to other individuals thus is always respected by others. Education also helps in shaping one’s career. An educated person has a better knowledge of technology and good technical skills. Thus, he/she has better chances of getting employed with a decent salary. Education opens the door to diverse opportunities for humans and helps in building a better life. It is a way to get financial success in life.

Besides the importance of personal life, education is important for society as well. An educated society has a good standard of living. People are civilized and they respect each other. There is peace, progress, and a sense of prosperity in society. A society with a large number of educated human resources is quicker in terms of development as there is the involvement of brilliant minded and broad visioned people. Moreover, education also paves the way for socialization. In school, children are taught about co-operation, understanding,  honesty, and other social & moral values.

A child comes to know about social and cultural norms through the knowledge imparted by his/her parents. The social beliefs, religion, culture, ideology, philosophy, literature are radiated through means of education. Thus, education plays the foundation in transmitting cultural assets from generation to generation. Furthermore, education also builds social and religious tolerance. In an educated society, people respect each other’s religion & caste, take part in social ceremonies and develop brotherhood among each other. They do not judge each other in terms of their social backgrounds. Thus, such a society is completely free of social evils like discrimination, religious fights, caste system, etc.

Education is valuable for the nation too. The progress of the country depends upon the level and quality of education that their citizens get. Education is the key to innovation and technology. An educated citizen is aware and civilized. He/she is always in favor of the peace and progress of the nation. A country having a good level of education comprises of skilled human resources needed for development. If citizens are educated, they get employed in different sectors of the country uplifting the economic, social, and financial status of the country.

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Western countries like America, UK, Canada are well developed because they are rich in terms of educational infrastructures and skilled human resources. On the other hand, many Asian countries have lagged behind because of the miserable condition of education. Education improves the use of technology in the nation. Educated people choose a visionary leader for their country. Education boosts the economic level of the country by eradicating poverty. Moreover, health status also improves due to the availability of sufficient manpower in the medical sector. Thus, education is a must for the social, political, industrial advancement of the country.

The world of today has advanced a lot. Thus, it must for everybody to get educated to sustain their life. However, many people in the world are deprived of education. Especially many women are not educated in poor nations. Due to this, women’s literacy is also very low in such countries. So it is the duty of everyone to promote education for everyone. Everybody should have access to education since it is their fundamental right. The importance of education should be spread through various campaigns and awareness programs. The government should give utmost priority to develop the level of education in the country. Social organizations should also work to ensure education for all. Hence, more collective efforts are needed from the national and international level to make this world home to literate persons.

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