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Our lives are short. We don’t know what happens after we die so people try to make the most of it. People try to gain experiences and memories that can be remembered in later life and out of all the invaluable experiences one has, friendship is one of them. Friendship is such a relation that does not require any requirements. It isn’t something that is defined by blood, similarities, differences, shape, and size. It is the special bond a person has with another person without any discrimination and having good friends that’ll be with you in your life is the greatest boon one can have.

Paragraph on Friendship

Friendship must’ve started many many centuries ago. It is essential for every person to have someone they know and become accustomed to. The idea of friendship is very simple and revolves around trust and honesty. Everything first starts off with being friends, people find their soulmates through getting to know each other and becoming friends.

Some people experience better chemistry with each other and become even better friends, introduce them to each other’s family, become a family altogether. Friendship is a strong bond capable of doing many things unimaginable by a single person. A powerful bond between two friends motivates each other, be happy with each other’s success without any envy, and help each other in times of need. A true friend always is there to help his/her friend, never deserts, and share joys and sorrows together.

The value of friendship is realized when one’s alone, feels lonely and has no one to talk to. This is why having friends is important. Having friends who understand you is crucial for one’s happiness and overall mental and spiritual development. People can open up to their close friends, share joys and sorrows, and motivate each other to do better. A good friend also guides one to the correct path. They stop one from involving in bad habits, teach them good things, and get a better mindset. The friends one has shown the personality and habits they carry.

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If you’re in a circle with good and helpful friends, one automatically becomes helpful and a good person. If one is in a bad circle, they are negatively influenced and have a bad mindset. This is the power of friendship. It can help change one for the better and if in the wrong company can also ruin your future. One necessarily does not need to have many friends to be happy or achieve good things in life. A small circle of good friends can help shape your better future and can guide you well. Intimacy between friends can be as close as blood brothers and sisters and comparable to family members.

The true form of friendship is something unexplainable with words. It is a blessing. Friendship is to be able to fool around, cry, fight and be mad, love, and protect each other. A strong friendship cannot be built easily and requires time and patience. There are many instances where people begin with friends, best friends, and start to love each other and become each other’s, soul mates. It is very important to have such a friendship that cannot be bought anywhere at any price. Like brothers, like family.

While most friends think good and don’t intend to do anything bad, there are a few fake friends who can backbite, discourage you, and envy you when you are successful. Some also just try and use you and contact you if they need help. Such negative friendships must be ended with people. Friendship is a unique power that is given to us and to choose whom to make friends with is essential. Betrayals in friendship killing people are some events that have happened in the past and still are prevalent today. Big personalities and powerful people falling down due to betrayals in friendships have been seen. It is important for us to realize who is a better friend and avoiding trusting fake people who use one for their personal gain. Nonetheless, friendship with people is something which one enjoys, and having friends should be treated as one of a man’s greatest treasure.

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