Is It Bad That Students Use Online Essay Writing Services?

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Is It Bad That Students Use Online Essay Writing Services?

The only thing that makes the students go for essay writing help from different services websites is the time. Many of the students find it easy and helpful to seek help from academic essay writing services which save their time and efforts both. 

However, many of the instructors and people believe that such services are not good for the students. Many of them argue that such services should never exist because they are doing worse than it is doing good to the students. 

Apart from all of the beliefs, the question arises that “is it bad that students use online essay writing services?”, well! let’s discuss if these services are good or not in detail:

Using Online Essay Writing Services 

Using these services online have many advantages along with the disadvantages that most of the critics talk of. Looking into these advantages and disadvantages, you can then tell if using these services are good or bad for the students. 


Following are the advantages of using these services:

  1. They are time saviour 
  2. Written by professionals 
  3. Ensure 0% plagiarized content 
  4. Better grades guaranteed 
  5. They have competitive and affordable prices 
  • They Are Time Savior 

Time is the most difficult thing to get while studying in college. The students are not just bound by the studies, but also many other responsibilities come in the wake. In addition to these, the students have to work hard to ace their exams as well. Also, they need time for themselves as well because they are humans. 

All of these activities are difficult to achieve at once as the assignment comes with deadlines that are hard to achieve most of the time and then the students are followed with consequences for such delay with reduced grades. 

Getting the writing services will not only save your time but will also ensure your timely work before the deadline. If you want to have a good leisure time and give your time to the rest of your study material, then this is the best possible solution to pay some bucks and get a top-notch service. 

  • Written By Professionals

The assignment writing service websites hire professional writers in different field to help give the best services to the students. You can always rely on them because they give you content that is 100% better than the rest of the student’s assignments thus, ensuring better grades. 

  • Ensure 0% Plagiarized Content 

Writing a plagiarism free assignment is not an easy task to do. The originality is ensured through much hard work by:

  1. Doing extensive research 
  2. Gathering evidence from trustable sources 
  3. Dedicating much time to your assignment 

If any of these processes lag behind, the chances are, you might not perform well according to the requirements. Hence, it is a very hard process, especially for the students who are a bit weak in studies. Such students consider this assignment and copying content for them as necessary, hence, do not realize that it is just a waste of time. 

In contrast to this, the experts in the field of assignment writing produce unique and plagiarism free content that is top-notch as compared to the assignments of other students. They guarantee good grades and do the necessary steps as stated above. Hence ensuring good grades. 

  • Better Grades Guaranteed 

The assignments, quizzes, are very important elements for your grades in college because they carry grades and scored that are vital to your academic career. These grades are given according to the level of writing going from best to worst. So, it is totally up to you that how you end up doing your assignment. 

These professional writing services ensure grades through top-notch assignment writing for you because they have experts in the field of study that you are in. They ensure the quality of writing guaranteeing better grades than any other student can get. Hence, you will get the desired performance and hassle-free work. 

  • They Have Competitive and Affordable Prices 

A writing service help you to:

  1. Manage your time and give time to your high priority items 
  2. Get good grades without any special efforts 
  3. Work with a team of experts 
  4. Relax and do not stress 

In addition to all of the above, these writing services are very cheap and competitive. They offer reasonable prices because of many competitors present to give you a better rate, hence, they offer lower prices to not let the customers go. These companies also knows that the students have not enough money to pay higher prices, offering affordable prices.

These companies want you to be their permanent customer, hence, they make sure to satisfy you with their work and content so that you turn to them over and over again. Do not follow the misconception that these companies charge higher than you think. 


The disadvantages are as follows for these writing services:

  1. Laziness in other activities
  2. Hindrance in the writing skills 
  3. Less learning in the field 
  1. Laziness In Other Activities

When students develop the habit of depending on other people, they really become lazy and the laziness continue to expand to other activities of their life. Hence, when the students turn toward the assignment writing services, they start to rely more on other people which might be troublesome in the professional life. 

  1. Hindrance In the Writing Skills 

Giving other people the opportunity to write your assignment will not give you the opportunity to learn the tools and techniques to write an assignment. This means that you won’t be able to find how punctuation works, which spellings are wrong, which vocabulary do not suite the write-up etc. Hence, the writing skills won’t improve if you keep other people do your work. 

  1. Less Learning in The Field 

Assignment and other write-ups are given to you for the purpose of determining and giving you the learnings in the field of study that you are enrolled into. Most of these assignments are even linked with your final exams. Hence, when you let other people do your tasks, you will never learn the things that you should when you do the assignment yourself. 


Looking at the online essay writing services, the advantages cross the disadvantages of these services. Hence, we can say that the online writing services are not bad for students at all. But we can even reduce the disadvantages to none if we keep practicing some of our assignments ourselves. 

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