Essay on Importance of English Language

Essay on Importance of English Language

Essay on Importance of English Language

We have come from living in the caves and eating raw meat to having machines cook our food for us. This is because we humans could come together and make breakthroughs in science. This is to say, we could communicate with each other, share ideas, and grow together. Without a language, people can’t really express themselves or expect the other person to understand what the person’s saying.
Language is a vital tool for communication. Without language, it is nearly impossible to communicate with others. And so, the importance of language cannot be emphasized enough. Language is not only a way of expressing thoughts and ideas, but it creates friendships, economic relationships, and cultural links. We can interact only with signs without language. We’re in the 21st century, we’ve survived countless disasters and the passage of time and have come to where we have today.

At the present, there are almost 4500 languages spoken in the world. But due to the presence of many different languages, we can imagine a large language barrier among people of different races. We’re in a global village, and a common language is seen as a necessity to talk with people all around. For this, the English language is known as the lingua franca of the world.
In today’s modern world, English is the dominating language of the world as it is necessary for all fields of work. The importance of English language is very huge and just knowing how to communicate in English will tear down the language barrier that exists among people of different ethnicities. The English language is understood/spoken by about 1 – 1.6 Billion people worldwide. So it is without a doubt a universal language.

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While many countries have English as their native language, those who have influence over the English language are considered to be highly educated and respected. In addition, plenty of job opportunities are available to English-speaking individuals anywhere and everywhere. In the field of education, English still plays a significant role. The English language is used by people who study abroad as a means of communication and learning.

The lack of English language skills makes anyone unsuitable for education in the world today. English is the global language and is the main language for higher-level studies and is used in every book. Even the top universities and colleges teach in English. Without English pursuing further education is very hard. English, in addition to its significance in the academic field, is not only a medium of international trade; it has become increasingly important for interstate commerce and communication.

One cannot read the instructions written on many items or things we use in our lives without their knowledge. It is the official language of air travel and transportation, the main language of international conventions, technology, computers, trade, employment, etc. The English language has become an unavoidable necessity for a variety of areas such as computer science and medicine. In the field of science and technological advancements, scientists, and researchers from all around the globe can come together and exchange their ideas and thoughts with each other.

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This will bring even more breakthroughs in science as there are unity and the combined idea of all the people. The global market communication is also done mostly through English. Meaning in the field of trade and commerce, the English language is also a necessity to expand your business internationally.

English is the most widely spoken language all over the world. The English language is used for government by many nations across the globe. Effective communication in English strengthens the friendship between countries around the world. It is without a doubt that a person’s future and his education are interrelated.

For one’s bright future, the English language is important as most studies abroad are done in English and it helps establish connections with international people entering a local level job might be feasible, but English is needed to upgrade higher than that. Global market communication is mostly done through English. The most important second language in the world has been English. That is why the English language is a necessity.

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