Essay on Dog | 600+ Words Paragraph About Dog

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Essay On Dog

We are social people. We cannot live alone and we need other people to be happy and live. But not only we are social with other people, but we are also social with other animals. The animals that we keep in our houses are called Pets. They are the animals that we keep with us and they live and grow with us. There are many pets that we keep like cats, dogs, parrots, raccoons, etc and out of them, a dog is what many people keep.

A Dog is a domestic animal. It can be trained and can live with human beings. People call a dog to be the most loyal animal. A dog is a four-footed animal with paws, tails, ears, a black nose, and cute ears. Dogs are omnivorous. It is a meat-eater and has sharp teeth to eat meat. They can also eat fish, bread, meat, rice, milk, other edibles, vegetables, and other foodstuffs. The legs help dogs run fast in times of need or when they are playing and to walk around. There are many kinds of dogs such as pitbull, pugs, golden retrievers, etc. They vary from color to color too.

Like our fingerprint, each dog has a different nose print too. Different dogs have different fur. Some dogs have thick while some have thin it will depend on where they are. Dogs are good at hearing and smelling. This is why trained dogs are used to catch thieves. The nose of dogs are sensitive to smell and can sniff out dangerous and harmful items too. If we are being robbed dogs help keep our house safe. They bark or even bite the thieves or any other strangers. Dogs although look small are very powerful, their strong and sharp teeth can help defend them. This is why thieves are afraid of dogs. This makes them very reliable when alone or guarding the house at night. Dogs are loyal and faithful to their master. They can do various things if they are trained to do so.

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Trained dogs are used in police and army works too. They are trained to do small things like jumping, rolling around following basic instructions, etc. Dogs are not only helpful for safety but also act as our friends. Dogs are very loyal and friendly to their master and the people they know. They never stop loving you or abandon you. They are there when you feel sad or happy and are of great importance to families who keep them as pets. Dogs help disabled people. Dogs can give great relief from anxiety, stress, or problem and make you calm, that’s why there are also many dog stations you can find all over where you can meet up with puppies and dogs.

Although dogs are very loyal and faithful to their masters, some end up getting abandoned just because they are sick or old. We must never forget the importance of dogs. We should not get dogs if we cannot take care of them properly. Dog shelters are places where abandoned or street dogs are kept. We must try and adopt dogs from there and give them home. Dogs are very loyal and people do not understand the importance of dogs.

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