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Science has made plenty of important inventions that have changed mankind and made life easier. Out of the many such inventions in science, television is one of them. Television is one of the technological devices that is one most important forms of entertainment. It is an invention that has gone many generations of change and now is a leading entertainment. It is the source of news, information, and entertainment.

Television in previous times was known as the “idiot box”. This was because most shows viewed by people were not informative and knowledgeable. This still is prevalent widely but still, one of the significant forms of entertainment. The invention of television has given us many benefits. It isn’t that expensive to own. Owning a television does not need any special requirements and gives a cheap mode of entertainment. The various channels interconnected and shown on the television are not only for entertainment but a source for information too. It keeps one updated with the news that is being streamed on a daily or weekly basis. Televisions also offer and stream educational or inspirational shows and programs that one can watch to gain intellect. Watching such shows and programs also help push a person more.

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Moreover, television shows that are aired have good content that is useful for life as well. This helps a person broaden their horizons with knowledgeable information.  Television has become one of the major sources of economy. People advertise their products, relay information about their campaigns, ideologies, views, and opinions to the various people watching television. One of the ways to keep a channel up and running to air shows and movies is by advertisements. Advertisers pay huge sums of money to get their advertisements on big channels. The same goes for smaller channels with less audience. Since television is watched by many, the audience can be expected to be in millions. Hence television is also a platform to gain exposure. Through television, millions of people can see and recognize a person for their talents.

Even with such wonderful benefits, the invention of television also has negative impacts. Such impacts and seen mostly in children and youths. Although most contents for television are child-friendly, we can see a rise of inappropriate content in television that promotes bad and evil practices such as gambling, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. The large amount of television watching also hampers health. Sitting in one position for an extended period is harmful to the body.

Watching television also ruins the health of the eye. Especially for the case of children and youth, television makes them forget their tasks, assignments, and duties. They’re immersed in the show they’re watching that they forget to even blink. Forgetting to blink makes eyes dry and irritate and spoil eyesight. People addicted to it have a bad social life too. False information and propaganda being channeled through televisions can also be widely seen nowadays. This leads to misinformation and unnecessary wastage of time and peace in family and society.

Out of the various benefits and disadvantages that come with the invention of television, we must not try and ignore development in science. Newer technologies are being invented every day that make our life easier. Parents should put control on the things children watch, and try and limit their watch times. The same should be done for youths too. The government should try and control the information that is channeled through television sets. It has become an essential part of our lives and a great invention for entertainment and information. If one makes proper use of television then one can be very educated and become an intellectual by keeping up with news and watching documentaries and informative shows.

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