Essay on Friendship | 800+ Words Paragraph on Friendship

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A man is a social animal. He cannot live alone. He lives in a society with other people. He makes friends with them and shares both tears and cheers.

Essay on Friendship

Friendship is one of the greatest bonds between any two persons. It is a kind of bond of understanding and dedication. It is one of the precious and beautiful gifts for anyone. A friend is a person whom we love and respect. Similarly, a true friend is a person with whom we meet talk to, and share everything. Thus, friendship is a feeling that brings us close. It is based on love and affection. It is a devoted relation between any two individuals with immense care and love for one another. There can be no age limit for friendship. People of every age group and social background have their friends. It is indeed essential for the success and wellbeing of every person.

A person may be acquainted with many persons in his life but true friendship is the bond that is created with special people who support and share emotions with each other. A true friend is one who is not selfish. He shares both joys and sorrows. He helps to take the right path. True friendship is free of any kind of judgment. There exists a feeling of sharing, caring, and love. Thus, a person with true friends is very lucky in his life. It develops a feeling that you are wanted and cared for by someone. A true friend gives big support in times of need and company in times of sorrow.

He sympathizes in the time of difficulty. He supports you in every situation of your life and gives you pieces of advice to overcome the hurdles. He makes you smile and lift you up from every difficult situation. A person devoid of friendship cannot succeed. Persons who do not have families are backed up by friendship and true friendship becomes the family. It is the source of motivation in life. It helps to take the right path and saves us from evil. Good friends help to build up our positive character. Thus, true friends are invaluable treasures of life. But such a true friend is not easy to find as true friends make our life heaven but bad friends can make our life ugly as hell.

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To build up a friendship, one has to be friendly. He must forsake selfish motives. If friendship is made for personal profit, it will not be a true friendship nor it will last long. It will break up soon. Once a friendship is broken, it cannot be patched up easily, for it is a relationship built upon mutual trust, understanding, and love. It is not a one-sided matter. Similarly, one should not be jealous. Jealousy is the cancer of friendship.

In the same way, the friendship will come to an end if the friends are not kind, considerate, and tolerant to each other. He should think of what he can do to his friend, rather than what he can gain from him. Since friendship is not a one-way path to gain loyalty and trust one should do the same to complete the friendship circle. True friends remain with us in every situation if there is mutual trust and sharing among one another.

We must differentiate a true friend from a selfish friend thus need to select friends very carefully. As every glitters is not gold, the apparent sight should not only be used to judge the nature of friends. A false friend becomes close only to get some profit. He will break up the tie once he does not see any clue of the gain. Such friends are called ‘fair-weather friends’. We must be careful of such friendship. They can easily deceive us for personal interests and gain.

We spend most of our time with friends thus their habits, behavior, and appearance have a direct impact on us too.  Bad company can result in the formation of bad habits, addiction, clash with family, and even risk the career. Only true friends try to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts to make the bond stronger.

Thus, true friendship cannot be expressed in words. It is indeed a blessing for everybody. True friends protect us from physical and emotional hurt. They provide us the reason to be strong and motivated in life. They are pillars of our life. That is why it is said, “ a true friend is the one who stays in while all others are out “.

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