Essay on Global Warming | 700+ Words Paragraph

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Essay on Global Warming

Due to the rapid urbanization and uncontrolled development activities taking place on earth, the earth is suffering very much. The degradation of the earth is going on at an alarming rate. Out of the many earth’s degrading activities that have been going on, global warming is one of the direct effects of these. “Global Warming” is one of the major problems that is happening to the earth and is the centre of concern for many people.

Global means earth and warming mean the heating of it. Together it gives the sense of the temperature on earth increasing. Global warming is a phenomenon where the earth’s average temperature scales due to the mass amount of greenhouse gases that are present in the earth’s atmosphere.

The greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere rise and settle in the atmosphere of our earth and make some kind of invisible barrier. Although it cannot be seen, this barrier prevented the heat from escaping the earth’s surface. The sunlight would go in but would trap in the heat. This kind of phenomenon was present from the early times and is not bad at all. If all the heat escaped the earth then the earth would freeze.

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Greenhouse gases were essential to maintaining the temperature of the earth and preserving heat. But ever since the rise of the industrial times in the early 1950s, the number of greenhouse gases would increase. The more gases there were the more heat would trap. This rise of greenhouse gases hasn’t stopped ever since. The industrial revolution is a major issue that has scaled the greenhouse gas emissions. The temperature of the earth is rising steadily every year due to the mass amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the industries and vehicle exhausts on earth.

essay on global warming

Mining and rearing cattle is also another issue. Although cattle are important, it is also responsible for it. The most common issue we face is mass deforestation. Wood is a very useful resource used for many things. But trees are important as they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Humans also breathe out carbon dioxide and such carbon dioxide is absorbed by the trees. If not for them the carbon dioxide exhaled out by billions will have some effect on it. There are also some natural causes such as volcanoes that emit greenhouse gases.


The effects of greenhouse gases are bigger than what we have kept in mind. As the earth’s temperature rises, it becomes hot. It becomes hot not only in a single concentrated place but in all parts of the world. The polar wildlife is at tremendous risk because of it. The hot temperature melts the ice at the polar caps and destroys the polar wildlife. Animals will have no place to stay and there is a chance of extinction or endangerment too.

The melting of polar caps also has another huge effect. As the ice melts into the water, sea levels rise which puts countries such as the Maldives at a huge risk as it may sink underwater. Another effect is the cause of hurricanes. The temperature rise will play a vital role in the occurrence of hurricanes which will create massive damage and risks for humans and other creatures.

How to Control Global Warming?

It isn’t possible to directly stop global warming as industries need to be run for human development. But some further plans could be done to slow it down. Following the rules of RRR will greatly help in the emissions of CO2 as less production of materials will be required. Humans should burn less garbage and bury them instead. Burning them releases greenhouse gases in the air and is harmful to the human lungs too. Industries should use static filters that reduce the number of greenhouse gases emitted. People should understand that the resources on earth are limited.

Instead of buying new vehicles, people should use public vehicles that reduce the amount of petrol required and the emissions done.  Finally, people should plant as many trees as much as they can in their lifetime. This not only helps them but the future generations as trees are helpful in the sustenance of human life. People should also be informed about such global issues and the government should update their policies the battle and thin out the no of greenhouse gases that are released.

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