Essay on Wonders of Science

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Essay on Wonders of Science

All the development that is done in this world is due to the scientific breakthroughs in science. Science is knowledge about the natural world that is based on facts learned through various experiments and observations. It is nothing but a systematic way of observation, knowledge, and living. It is only due to the frequent observations and experimentation that we humans are learning to create and develop various things from the resources provided to us by nature. Just by the simple act of observing and experimenting with various ideas that come into our minds, we have come this far.  Hence, science is the boon that keeps the wheel of humanity running and has helped develop a great civilization.

Science does not have benefits in just a single field. It is without a doubt an understatement to say science is beneficial. It has helped human civilization empower their way to the top of the chain. It has served and will serve every step of our life and is a faithful servant under us if used in the correct way. The most notable scientific breakthrough in our lives is the invention of electricity. during the cavemen times, humanity started developing since the discovery of fire and its light and heat it provided. Another development was since the invention of electricity. From electricity, we had the source of light and power which we now presently use to run our daily life. From producing a sensation of vision in the night or dark places to using electricity to charge phones, run devices, and other appliances, electricity has helped us in every way. The presence of electricity has removed darkness from the world.

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Not only electricity in the field of medicine too, but it has also made huge breakthroughs. It has given us the power to keep huge viral/ non -viral diseases in check. Vaccines have been developed to prevent diseases and other ways of treatment of diseases are also being steadily developed. The power to develop vaccines is only due to the presence of science. Not only vaccines, medicines, and treatment procedures to get rid of an illness or perform life-saving surgery, everything is possible nowadays. Transplantation of eyes, skins, other body parts, amputation, etc have all been done due to the development of science which was an unperformable feat in the older times.

Essay on Wonders of Science

Other technologies such as electronic devices and appliances which help us reduce our workload and entertain us, wifi which connects people from all over the globe, development other technologies that have helped us send rockets and satellites over the earth’s atmosphere, etc all are the various wonders of science. Capturing wonderful, unbelievable, or just memories has never been easier due to the presence of smartphones and cameras. The once large computers have now been reduced to the size of our palms. The creation of tools, appliances are nowadays also done by robots. It replaces human beings in certain areas of high risks or saves them from tedious works. In the field of entertainment and education, the use of science is enormous. Science has given us mobile phones other gadgets we can use to surf the internet that connects us to people all over the globe. Games, watching people do stuff online, looking for facts and information for research, or searching for solutions for assignments online, anything is possible. Multimedia learning is also growing very popular nowadays as it opens the mind to creative learning.

Science has also helped us in agriculture. We now can grow crops faster and in an efficient way. Usage and development of pesticides and insecticides have helped reduce the losses of the farmers, ordinary people and we can grow it commercially very easily. People now no longer have to depend on natural rain and can harvest crops using machines. It has helped save so much time and effort. The manufacture of vehicles has also improved efficiency. We can travel anywhere easily and don’t have to depend on our physical strength to travel places.

Going across countries with an airplane, traveling various different locations in-vehicle, going far away locations for work or school, vehicles. It has never been easier. Industries and businesses have also been booming. Mass production is easy and reaching out to consumers far and wide isn’t anything hard. Construction of houses, buildings, other infrastructures are efficient due to the use of machines and saves a lot of manpower.

Likewise, the list could go on. But not anything in the world has only a positive side. Science is indeed a boon but it has made people lazier. Usage of appliances and transport has indeed made our lives easier but people depend on it too much. The invention of fast foods, going to small distances in vehicles, online home to home delivery service, etc has made people lazy. Obesity can also be prevalent in developed countries. Various wars have also taken place. The invention of weapons and nuclear missiles has killed a mass number of people and created violence. It has also created tension among groups and communities. Similarly the industrial grown has increased rates of unemployment as machines are replacing humans.

In conclusion, science can be considered a boon. Nothing has all positive sides and it isn’t wise to abandon our ways of science. If done so, we will be comparable to cavemen. Scientists are constantly searching, discovering, and observing various ways to develop new technologies to make our lives easier, heal people, prevent diseases, and all together help human beings.

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