Essay on Health is Wealth – 600+ Words Paragraph

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The 21st century is the era where you can almost everything if you have the money to do so. But there are things in the world that can’t be bought with any amount of money. Our health is one of them. There is also a very famous proverb relating to health which goes “health is wealth”. Although not many people understand the real meaning of the proverb. Physical wellbeing alone is not considered as being healthy. Being healthy consists of having a good mindset, being emotionally and socially happy too. In other words, without health, everything is gone. You cannot enjoy the riches you have, the time you spend with your friends or anything in general. A person may work his entire life for buying his dream house but there won’t be any satisfaction and happiness if he/she is unhealthy. Being healthy also does not mean consuming junk foods and not falling sick, it is the overall development of the body positively. A person’s real wealth is not his / her assets or net worth, it’s health itself.

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Health is the topmost factor in achieving success in life. We won’t exist anymore if we aren’t there. All the dreams and ambition of a person is broken if a person is unhealthy as they cannot achieve it. In today’s computerized world, children are seen to stay on their computer screens for a long time which degrades their eye health, makes their body weak and to some extent weakens their mentality. Weakened mental health is also seen in many children and adults alike. People and parents think physical wellbeing alone is enough and fail to see their friends’ mental health. Mental health is also in fact very important for the development of humans.  People who are spiritually and emotionally disturbed also won’t ever make any progress in life and see things in a negative way. If everything a person thinks is negative, they attract negative things. There is a saying that a mind is like a magnet, you attract the things you think. So if a person thinks negatively all they’ll attract is negativity and bad luck. Similarly, a healthy person has a positive attitude in life. In other words, a healthy person is happy due to their positive mind-set. This is why being healthy is very important.  Our mind-set is not only the factor that determines our health. The physical body is also responsible for our happiness.

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In order to get good health, it also requires us to follow a healthy lifestyle and to be disciplined. A disciplined person will follow their healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise and a good diet strictly. There is also a need for all air, water, and sun to our body. Fresh air opens our mind which makes it process it well, it helps us build strong immunity and overall health. This is why waking up early is beneficial to our bodies. Water is the basic need for us humans to survive. Drinking plenty of clean water, a day helps us flush out impurities, keep kidneys strong, and help digestion. Similarly, sunlight is also needed for us. A place where it is damp and dark will be harmful to us and the body as many viruses and bacteria grow there. Exercising our body also helps us get rid of tensions, relaxes our body, and helps our body stay fit and toned. There are various types of exercises that can be done to enhance the human mind too. A healthy mind and body should go hand in hand. One of the most important factors to remain healthy is diet. Consumption of a proper diet helps keep our body fit, grow, and keep it away from any nutrient-deficient diseases. Nutrients like fiber help improve our digestive system, green vegetables gives a good source of vitamins. Therefore, we can say that a good diet is also important for our health. Obesity is one of the main problems of healthiness in our today’s world. A diet that consists of oily foods makes us fat, lazy, and unproductive. Our body grows fatter and we get prone to diseases such as stroke, heart cancer, etc. This is why good food is necessary to lessen any chances of chronic diseases. Other factors such as cleanliness, personal hygiene are also important.

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Once a person is healthy, the mind becomes calm, positive thoughts flow into the brain and a person is determined. The body is fit and healthy, ready for another day. Being physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy will bring good changes in life. A healthy and active mind is important for balancing your daily goals. Being healthy is one of the greatest luxuries a person can have and is not to be taken for granted. A healthy person can achieve happiness and achievement in life compared to an unhealthy person. There is no meaning in being a rich person who’s being hospitalized every day. This is why health is very important for the wellbeing of the body.

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