Essay on Sonam Losar (Lhosar) Festival

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Essay on Sonam Losar (Lhosar) Festival – 600+ Words

The sorts of celebrations celebrated in Nepal are not just constrained to the Hindu people group. Our country is influenced by the cultures of our neighbors as well. There are additionally numerous celebrations of individuals following different religions and societies. Losar is additionally one of these celebrations celebrated by the individuals of Nepal. It is one of the celebrations celebrated by individuals of the Himalayan district as the individuals who praise it lie in that area.

The number of Losar celebrated in Nepal is numbered 3. They are Tamu, Sonam, and Gyalpo Losar, each celebrated by different people from different castes. Even though Sonam Losar is a part of a big Losar celebration it is celebrated at different timings. It is one of the central festivals among 125 ethnicities living in Nepal originating from Tibet. Sonam Losar is celebrated by the Tamang people.

Sonam Losar falls on the first full moon of the month Magh in Nepali Calendar and early January to mid-February in the English calendar. So, the date is different in every Sonam Lhoshar every year. ‘Lho’ signifies year and ‘Sar’ signifies new or new whenever deciphered, and the word ‘Sonam’ is put for the Tamang individuals Sonam Lhosar festival is commended by visiting religious communities and stupas where exceptional ceremonies with veil move are performed to drive away abhorrent spirits. Then again, Tamang individuals keep their homes and environmental factors clean to invite divine beings and goddesses. Pork, chicken, lamb, fish, and sweet desserts are devoured in the Sonam Lhosar.

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The Tamang are very famous for their music and dance performances. In expansion to this, conventional Tamang tunes are played on the Tamang Selo and the Damfu (melodic instruments). Tamang’s famous traditional drum called the “damphu.” It is small, round, and covered with goat’s skin on one side. You will notice 32 small bamboo sticks are used in its construction. Tamang Selo is a class of Nepali society tune sung by the Tamang individuals which could be snappy and energetic or moderate and pleasant and is typically sung to communicate love, distress, and accounts of everyday life.

It is a celebration celebrated as an event of the beginning of another year, by the Tamang people group individuals in Nepal.  This celebration is additionally seen by minority Yolmo, Dura, the Thakalis of Mustang, the Dolpalis, and the Sinsas from Sankhuwasabha in the Himalayan area. Losar is a celebration of people of the Buddhist faith, people crowd up and visit monasteries nearby to offer their prayers, and some monasteries organize special dances by masked-dancers to get rid of all negative forces. In Kathmandu, Sonam Losar is celebrated as a public spectacle in Tundikhel.

We can see Tamangs in their ethenic dresses of red and black with their, adornments, take an interest in various sorts of social occasions, and trade the welcome with each other. Sonam Lhosar additionally brings bunches of delights and joy, just as binds together the individual’s different networks with the Tamang people group. All of Losar is celebrated in Tudikhel. People gather, share joy and sorrow, enjoy the day with drinks and foods, dance, and rejuvenate. Like this Sonam, Losar is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Like each different celebrations celebrated in our nation, this celebration likewise has an issue of outlook. Luxury isn’t vital. Individuals have the outlook the more great their event is the more their karma and magnificence. It isn’t that. The soul of a celebration is to commend it gladly with what one has with their nearest ones. The spirit of the festival can only be brought together by brotherhood, togetherness, and enjoyment to the fullest.

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