Essay on Importance of English Language 2023 | Paragraph on Importance of English Langauge

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Importance of English Language

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Language is the most powerful means for expressing emotions, feelings, discoveries, and achievements. Imagine if the next person you are willing to communicate with is unable to understand you just because of the language barrier. And, you are not going to afford that, especially in today’s tech-savvy world. Out of 6500 spoken languages, English has become the most spoken language globally. And, the importance of the English language is increasing even more.

If you are wondering why? Well, most developed nations speak English, and when we look back to history, British Empire used to oblige non-native people to talk to English during colonial times. Further, technological advancements, better job opportunities, and the luxurious lifestyle of Native English-speaking countries have allured developing nations to learn English.

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Out of 195 countries, English is taught and spoken in over 142 countries, making it the most spoken language in the world. It is the language of trade, science, tourism, computers, aviation, and diplomacy. Most importantly, it is the language of international communication, thus regarded as the first global ‘Lingua Franca.’ Besides, most of the top universities teach courses in English, international meetings and trade are held in English, and tourists use English as a common language. Thus, the English language is equally important for personal and professional growth.

Nowadays, the use and importance of the English language are rising even more worldwide to fit in the global education system. Many nations where English is not an official language also teach English from the school level and encourage youth to learn it. Similarly, many international prestigious universities and courses like medicine engineering are in the English language. Thus, it has become powerful means for learning for international students globally. Further, many useful scientific findings, journals, and publications are in English.

The English language opens oceans of career and job opportunities throughout the English-speaking nation. And, it is more than necessary to have a common language in the multi-lingual and fast-evolving world to make all the required data and information available. Thus, English has become a storehouse of diverse data and information that all people can understand.

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Further, in the age of the internet and social media, we couldn’t imagine connecting without having sound knowledge of the English language. About three- a fourth of the global population use the internet in day-to-day life. And more than half of the world’s most visited websites are based in English. So, only understanding this language will provide access to all the necessary contents of the internet. Maintaining relations with international clients or making new friends has become easier with the English language.

The entertainment field also reflects the importance of the English language in this century. Most films, books, TV shows, and music are made and published in English. Thus, with the knowledge of this language, we can take the complete joy of watching a favorite movie or TV show without requiring translators or subtitles.

As mentioned earlier, English is spoken in over 142 countries, out of which 54 countries use it as their first language, making it easier to explore the world for travel-junkie. The English language will act as a passport for your international trips. Most of the necessary information, such as street signs, emergency information, train timetable, and even airport announcement, is in this language. Even in a non-English speaking country, you can easily find people or hire a tourist guide who understands English. If you do not know English, then it will be hard for you to understand instructions, directions, language, and culture in a foreign country.

Knowing only the native language is not enough in today’s competitive world. The many languages you know higher are the chances of your success. Further, learning new languages improves cognitive and analytical ability making you smart.

Research also suggests bilingualism can help improve concentration, memory power, and overall intellectual aspects. However, it is impossible to learn hundreds of challenging and different languages at once. But, compared to other languages, English is considered easy to understand. Knowledge of this language will make you smart and improve reputation and respect in society, especially in countries where English is not the official language.

Effective communication is equally crucial for developing good relations between different nations. And, understanding the English language will help improve foreign connections with native English-speaking developed countries. Thus, it will help expand international trade, globalization of education, and employment rapidly. Also, most of the sports commentaries are given in English. So, you can’t enjoy international tournaments if you don’t understand the English language.

Lastly, you can express one thing in several ways using the English language as it has got a tremendous vocabulary. Similarly, it keeps evolving and updating over time and continues to change. That’s why the English language has importance in almost every sector.

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