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“It is bitter taste to litter waste “

We the people of Earth are very conscious about our health but we forget the basic and main cause of diseases. We ourselves are the main cause of any kind of disease because of neglecting the cleanliness in our daily life.

So, Cleanliness are basically of two types personal hygiene and cleanliness or hygienity of our surrounding. People with good hygiene are embarrassed to meet people who have dirty hands, dirty clothes, or garments that smell bad because they feel humiliated. To maintain good physical health, it is necessary to keep one’s body clean. Physical hygiene, on the other hand, maintains interior hygiene and keeps the heart and mind clean. 

Mental cleanliness keeps us mentally healthy and protects us from mental issues. As a result, perfect cleanliness keeps us free of dirt and diseases, because the two (soil and conditions) are linked. After all, diseases thrive in dirty environments.

Most of us are prompted to teach everyone to let others know about the importance of cleanliness but it is harsh to say that we are not following it.

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Cleanliness is also a state or habit of being free of filth in our surroundings, which is being clean. It can only be accomplished by cleansing yourself and your surroundings through cleaning activities. Living a healthy lifestyle is a pleasurable habit.

It is necessary to understand and communicate to others that cleanliness is not the duty of others; rather, it is our obligation to be clean and to keep the surroundings clean. Begin with one’s own home and school, then move on to colleges, institutions, society, and other organizations. It is not a one-time event; it must be done on a daily basis to keep everything clean.

This is the most important virtue that everyone should practice in order to improve their standard of living. Furthermore, it must be done willingly and peacefully, although it is occasionally done aggressively and incorrectly. To keep infections at bay, we must teach the habit of cleanliness in children at a young age.

At the very beginning of our childhood, our parents taught us various habits like getting up early in the morning brushing our teeth, taking a bath, cutting our nails on time, etc.

If we really follow it regularly we might not get ill because it has been also proven scientifically that most of the diseases spread through the air, water, food, etc. So if we maintain hygiene we might not invite the normal and deadliest diseases.

Earlier if we hear from anyone or analyze by reading books people were not use get any disease or rarely they fell ill due to sanitation they maintained. 

Nowadays many countries are running a campaign about cleaning as they realised the importance of it and they are making the people to adopt it completely in their lives by imposing fine on spitting on the road, dumping the garbage outside the zone area (which invites a lot of diseases). 

There is a saying about cleanliness that it is next to godliness which is totally acceptable because in every religion it has been given the importance of it as it relates to both moral purity and personal hygiene which keeps our minds dedicated towards our goal.

People of Japan used to take baths daily in the nighttime also so that they can overcome from all kinds of stress and pressure of whole day of work. In various countries there is campaign going on like in India there was a campaign of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” Which was Started in 2014 by the Indian Government.

Every year, World Environment Day is observed with the same goal of cleanliness. We have inherited much from Western civilisation, but we have not embraced their cleaning and hygiene routines and manners.

Cleanliness is a question of perspective, which can only be achieved if the entire public is aware of the need for cleanliness. Cleanliness is a quality that individuals of all ages and ranks must promote in order to have complete control.

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Cleanliness is a major obligation that demands dedication. The positive effects of a clean atmosphere on performance and accomplishments should serve as a motivator. It should be our obligation to keep a clean environment if we value cleanliness. It is critical to be both individually clean and environmentally responsible. We wouldn’t be clean in the genuine sense unless we took care of our personal hygiene as well as environmental health.

We must all do our part to keep the region we live in clean both inside and out. Actually, the government should initiate cleaning initiatives and educate and promote good habits to the residents of the country for this reason.

We must also be aware of our habits. We need to make it illegal for people to throw trash in undesignated areas. This initiative will eventually contribute to the creation of a clean country.

Finally, everyone must sustain cleanliness, whether it is an individual effort or a government-wide effort. We can learn from it and participate in making the world a greener and cleaner place.

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