How “Text Editors” Are Useful in Writing Research Paper?

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When it comes to writing research papers or assignments we generally think of word processing applications like MS Word and Google Docs, right?

Word processing applications are familiar to use for some and unfamiliar for others as there are many issues of feature bloat and licenses.

Just like MS Word, it needs activation and the process of activation is lengthy and difficult. Most of us don’t even know how to activate MS Word.

Now think for a second what if you are writing a research paper for almost a month and your MS Word suddenly needs activation and you are at the final step of finalizing your research paper?

It will be a very stressful situation. Therefore, Text Editors have considered a more friendly and viable option for writing and editing research papers.

But the question that arises here is, how text editors are useful in writing a research paper?

To know the answer keep on reading!

In the following section, we will discuss some facts that will support our discussion in favour of using Text Editors for our all writing purposes.

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Facts: How Text Editors are Helpful for Writing Research Papers

● No installation and activation needed

Unlike other word processing applications that need to be installed before use, an online text editor does not need to be installed.

Users can use text editors simply on their browsers without any installation or activation. On the other hand, word processing applications need activation now and then.

And it becomes annoying especially if you have some urgent writing work to do as the activation process takes time.

● No system specifications are needed

Almost every renowned writing software and application asks users to check their system specifications and only if their system meets those specifications then they can install and use the software or the application.

On the contrary, a text editor does not ask users to check their system specifications because there is no such case with text editors as text editors can be used directly on the browser.

If you have to write a research paper and your system specifications are not according to your chosen word processing application then you don’t have to worry.

You can simply go to the browser and search for an online text editor, pick your favourite one, and start writing your research paper.

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● Error-free editing

A well-written research paper must be free of all errors and finding errors like grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and spelling mistakes on a word processing application like MS Word is very difficult.

As we have to find our mistakes manually by reading every single line, sentence, and paragraph which takes a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, a research paper is meant to be lengthy and deep therefore, finding errors in your research paper before publishing can be very difficult if you used MS word or any other writing software.

On the other hand, an online text editor saves the effort of proofreading and provides error-free editing.

Text editors are designed in a manner that automatically corrects grammatical and spelling errors and in case they don’t automatically correct errors then they throw suggestions and warning on the lines and words that have errors.

● Simple interface for all users

Researchers and scientists don’t have time to study all the writing and editing features that are hidden somewhere inside the menu bar, they want a simple interface where they can easily write and edit their research work.

Text editors provide a very simple user interface that every user can easily understand without wandering from one feature to another.

Users can pick editing options from the top of the editor as the editing options are mentioned at the top and use them to edit their text.

As you can see in the image attached below, all editing features are shown at the top of the editor for user ease and accessibility.

How Text Editors Are Useful in Writing Research Paper?

● Allow sharing of files

If you are a student or a researcher writing your research paper you often need to share your work or portions of your research paper with your friends, colleagues, supervisors, or instructors to get their opinion on your work, right?

With text editors, you can share your work directly from the editor to whomever you want, you don’t have to download separate files all you have to do is click on ‘Share,’ select the platform where you want to share, and done.

● Free to use

Unlike other word processing applications, text editors are completely free to use. Users do not have to pay any cost to enable all the editing features of the text editors.

Some writing software asks users to pay costs to activate the software and enable access to all the editing options.

Text editors provide everything for free, isn’t it a great deal for researchers to write their research papers without buying any writing or editing software?

These are all the facts that can make text editors our top choice for writing research papers as compared to other extensive paid writing software.

Now, you must be thinking about how to use a text editor, or are there any special steps that you have to follow to use a text editor?

Let’s get the answer to this question.

How to Use a Text Editor?

To use a text editor, you can follow the following steps mentioned below:

  • Go to your browser and search for ‘online text editors.’
  • From the SERPs pick any text editor you like.
  • Normally every text editor has the button of a ‘New File’ hit the button and start writing your text.
  • You can also upload already written text from your device to the text editor if you want to edit it.
  • If you want to edit text like you want to bold headings or change font size, colour, or add lists or bullets then you can simply go for ‘Edit menu.’
  • Once you are done with editing you can download your work from the text editor by clicking the ‘Download’ button.
  • Or, if you want to share your created file, the text editor allows you to do it by clicking on the ‘Share’ button.

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How Text Editors Are Useful in Writing Research Paper?

Last Words

In this post, we have discussed how text editors are helpful and better for writing research papers as compared to word processing applications.

Give this article a read to know all the interesting facts about text editors which will help you with a better and smooth writing environment.

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