[2023] Essay on Independence Day of India

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600+ Words Paragraph on Independence Day of India

Back in the old times, Britain now called the UK was a very powerful country. It still is now but its military might in the early times was unrivaled. Many countries from Europe were similarly very powerful. This is why the power from Europe was dominating various poorer nations such as many parts of Africa and India and colonizing them at old times. India was ruled by Britain for nearly 200 years. After various power struggles and clashes between the public and Britain, India finally got Independence from their rule. Independence means to gain freedom from certain things or rules.

India finally got Independence from Britain on August 15, 1947. Independence Day is one of the most important days of the year for our country. The history of the lives of people under Britians wasn’t bright at all. Under British rule, the lives of the people were pitiable. The Indian people were treated as if they were slaves and all their rights were taken away. Indian soldiers were treated in an unfriendly fashion. Farmers couldn’t grow any crops due to the lack of facilities and heavy land taxes that were charged to them.

All the resources of India were used for their country to fund their military strength or other sectors. The British people had control over the politicians and were no more than puppets to the British officers. The Indians struggled for their independence and worked tirelessly and selflessly for the freedom. They were led by various leaders such as Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose, Jawahar Lal Nehru, etc. Although there were people who chose violence, there were people who tried to approach freedom in a peaceful way. Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian lawyer, politician, and a great leader who fought without violence against the British colonization. Many lives, sweat, and blood were lost to gain independence and on 15th August 1947, the long-awaited dream come true. Each year on August 15 Indians celebrate the day when they were free from the rule of Britain.  This is why this day holds great importance to the Indians.

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Indians celebrate the day to enjoy the spirit of freedom and independence. It is also to remember the sacrifices of their ancestors who lost their lives in this struggle. It also symbolizes the glory of the Indians and the victory they achieved from their ancestor’s hard work. Despite being a national holiday, Indians celebrate it with great zeal and patriotism. Every government building is decorated with lights and colors of their country’s flag. The country’s flag is hoisted high up in the sky and they sing the national anthem. A great parade happens in Delhi’s red fort where the country’s flag is hoisted up high in the sky and the national anthem is sung. The Prime Minister also gives a speech. The entire day is celebrated to also kindle the feeling of patriotism of young youths for the country. From public buildings to even cartoon shows aired in India, we can see the livelihood and the deep bond of the country and its people.

At the present, India is a very powerful country. It isn’t completely true that the British left India underdeveloped. There were a lot of changes and reforms done too but fall in contrast if compared to their ruling system. The fall of British rule is also a lesson for us that we can achieve anything if we have the determination and courage to do so. The glory of India now is well deserved and everyone should respect the sacrifices made to gain independence.

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