Essay on Christmas | 600+ Words Christmas Paragraph for Students

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Essay on Christmas

There are many festivals that we follow in the world by people of different cultures and religions. Each having its own history and ways of celebrating. Out of the many festivals that are celebrated around the world, Christmas is one of the most popular ones. Christmas is a yearly festival that is celebrated on December 25 by the Christian community. People celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus on this day. Although it is a festival for the people who follow Christianity, many people from different religions also come together and celebrate Christmas.  Although the Bible has not stated the date of Jesus Christ it is celebrated in December.

The history of Christmas is dated to be very old. Records have shown that it was celebrated as early as 1700 years ago. People celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as they believe that Jesus is the son of god the Messiah sent from heaven to save the world from sin. People get a small vacation for the Christmas celebrations.  Christmas is a festival that requires a lot of preparation too and involves a lot of activities. People shop for Christmas decorations, foods and gifts for family and friends, and Christmas themed outfits. Shopping malls or shops are seen busy with people shopping for Christmas. People share the best Christmas wishes with friends, family, and relatives.  The main event of Christmas is the Christmas trees. A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen tree that is similar to a triangle in shape. They are decorated with light bulbs, glitters, bright papers, candies, etc. On the top lies a star which has a special meaning dating back to the past.

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The house is cleaned well, and then the tree is brought in and then decorated. Placed under the brightly decorated Christmas tree are gifts and presents for everyone in the family. The legend of Santa Claus is also popular among children. As per the legend, It is said that Santa Claus rides around flying with his reindeers and drops off gifts under the Christmas tree to the good children on the eve of Christmas through a chimney. Christmas Eve falls a day before Christmas. Children sleep early on this day hoping to get a gift from Santa Claus when they wake up the next morning. The children also put cookies, milk, and a carrot for Santa and his reindeer that he rides. There is also a popular poem among many people around the globe called Jingle Bells which is about Santa’s coming to the children’s houses and drop off gifts.

On the night of Christmas, the Christmas tree looks bright and very pretty. Family members, guests, and friends come together and sing prayers in praise of Lord Jesus. Then there is the exchange and opening of gifts. People also exchange greeting cards with their friends and families on this joyous day. Then there is a feast held in their homes. Special homemade treats such as Pies, Cupcakes, candies, etc are also baked/cooked. People dress their best and celebrate the night as they drink wine, enjoy eating, dancing and music too. Couples also dance in pairs and enjoy the festival with great joy and enthusiasm. Not only adults but the children also enjoy their Christmas night playing, opening gifts, and talking amongst each other. Later at late night, everyone gathers together in the church to pray to God. They pray that they may lead a happy life in the coming year.

Christmas is not only celebrated in homes. Christmas is also celebrated in public places such as Churches, Schools, Shops, etc. The Radios all over play Christmas songs, Christmas trees are found decorated in Public places and people come together and mingle around. Christmas is such a festival which is celebrated by people from all religions and most countries around the world. Christmas reminds us of the importance of giving and sharing with friends and family. It is the essence of this festival that unites people together. We should all discard any hate between religions and celebrate all the festivals with great zeal and enthusiasm.

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