Essay on Coronavirus – COVID-19 Essay 1000 Words

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What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a profound respiratory syndrome that affects a person’s respiratory tracts even intestines and liver. SARS – CoV-2 or COVID – 19 is a member of a larger family of coronaviruses that can cause illnesses that are not so simple. This virus is one of the serious ones because of its easy mode of transport, effects on the body, and the time it takes to infect one. It is simply a dangerous stain. The history of the COVID – 19 is not recent. Scientists suggest 2 different theories about how this virus came about to be, both theory points to evolution. Hence evolution is the primary aspect of this outbreak. The first theory relates to how this virus transferred to other animals from a primary animal, after infecting other animals, the virus itself evolved to attack human beings.

The second theory suggests that the virus was already first transferred into humans via animal contact and later the virus modified itself inside the human body to be infected. Although there have been rumors that the virus was produced in the laboratory but according to research, the statements are false. COVID-19 Virus has special spikes that attach itself to the human cells with a high rate of compatibility. Such a virus is stated to be a research of natural selection and not a genetically modified result of a laboratory. If so the virus must have been modified from a widely known virus.

The primary agent of the virus is widely speculated to be a Bat. A Pangolin could also be taken as a secondary agent for spreading the virus. The coronavirus in humans is similar compared to the bats as well. In 2019, the Chinese officials notified the world that a virus was spreading through the communities. This first case of Coronavirus was in Wuhan, China. After the medical authorities traced back the illness to a wet market in Wuhan people began to suspect the wet market to be the outbreak for this disease. The medical authorities had notified people about this new virus to a public platform WeChat. While the infected was rising, researchers found this virus was similar to SARS (2012) virus.

The authorities quickly ordered people to close and destroy the samples. The government doubted whether this virus spreads with human contact or not, the rise in the corona cases across the globe skyrocketed as the patients doubled within months. After the sudden rise in the number of infected worldwide, the authorities finally decided to close off the wet market. The wet market had plenty of exotic animals, which the government had decided to let it be at that and let the wet market be. In short, the Chinese authorities chose the smaller circle of rich people who ate these animals over the safety of poorer communities. This also shows the carelessness of Chinese officials.

Causes of Coronavirus

What are the causes of COVID – 19 now that we have learned the back story of corona? A virus is not even a living thing. It relies on a host to multiply itself. The main cause of the spread of Coronavirus is via droplet infection. As people cough and sneeze droplets of virus spread around the surroundings infecting anyone who’s near. It may also spread via contact with the infected and not cleansing properly. A person who has contact with the infected rubs his eyes or nose it spreads.  When the COVID – 19 viruses enter a person’s lungs the spikes in the virus connect the victim’s cells and start duplicating itself. As a cell is overpopulated with the virus it explodes and gives rise to many more viruses. As this process continues over a span of 10 days there are millions and billions of viruses in our lungs. In time the cells in the lungs rapidly die away, which may even lead to permanent damage. But as a person recovers, the viruses are intercepted by the immune system and cleans up the damaged cells.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

What are the symptoms of coronaviruses? The main risk factor of a corona case is its incubation period. While a person may be infected with the virus, the person still wouldn’t notice the virus resulting in the more spread of the virus. If one has common signs such as respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties one should immediately seek medical support. In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death.

A person MUST wear PPE, even if PPE is not readily available one should compulsorily wear masks. A mask prevents droplets from being spread greatly reducing the corona threat. Hands should be regularly washed and a persons’ environment should be clean. Personal Hygiene is the factor that will determine a person’s chance of being infected or not. Proper sanitation is a must. Coronaviruses slip away from hand or any other body part if one washes with soap. One must use alcohol-based sanitizers and maintain distance from other people if one is outside.

Effects of Coronavirus

What are the effects of this coronavirus? There certainly cannot be any advantages to the corona outbreak right? No, wrong. Even though there are people dying, lost jobs, and stock market crash insight, a rise of corona there are still some good to this. Research shows that 1 – 3 people have little to no access to sanitation facilities. Although this might sound shocking, 2 -3 people who have rights and facilities to access sanitation still many did not wash or had proper hygiene. An outbreak of corona has taught people to follow basic sanitation and people who did not have this right also were notified and provided such facilities. If this was previously done by people the virus could have been suppressed as well.

Other factors include the health care systems, this coronavirus has made many aware of the need for such healthcare systems which will give rise to efficient and better healthcare systems available for all. We are humans, we always want to do things the fast way, Coronavirus has given us the opportunity to reflect back on what we’ve done. Even for people who didn’t have time to pursue their hobbies or passion, coronavirus is the one chance we have got. Coronavirus has given us the gift of time. Time is the most important asset of our life and its best we make good use of it. Another positive thing about the virus outbreak is the impact on the ecosystem, wildlife, and the earth itself. The carbon emission has been drastically reduced to shocking numbers. Nature has come back and the environment is clean. NASA has even stated the pollution has reduced and the air quality has improved by a large margin. There’s still good in bad, we can say from the following paragraph.

As the death and infected tolls greatly rise, it is also a life lesson. A virus based on the negligence of personal hygiene. To think that one of the deadliest viruses up to date is due to the proper lack of hygiene and unsecured contact with other creatures. One simply does not know when the virus will end, but until then one must follow government quarantine and self-isolation. As the researchers are trying their best by researching for a cure, we can also help delay this virus spread by staying home safe. We must learn lessons from countries like the USA and Nepal as well.

USA underestimated the virus due to which the most infected are from the USA. Nepal also did not enforce proper rules and wasn’t prepared for the virus. It maintained an open border with India from where Corona cases appeared in Nepal. Although people doubt it we can still learn from China with proper governance the corona cases have been controlled.


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