Next big Potential airdrop “Zecrey” Binance Lab Invest’s $6M

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Cost: 2$-5$ Potential gain: XXXX$+ Don’t miss your chance Flow the Steps Below

What is Zecrey?

Zecrey provides blockchain communities with a simple and private way to deploy efficient cross-chain protocols based on Zero-knowledge (zk) Roll-Ups, including aggregation and management of digital assets across several chains like as BNB Chain, Ethereum, Near, Solana, and others.

By providing lightning-fast transaction confirmation and privacy protection, Zecrey enables its users to conveniently manage, swap, and bridge assets across numerous chains. In addition, users may access and experiment with almost all of their digital assets in a single wallet.

“Zecrey’s vision is to bring scalability, cross-chain, privacy, and asset aggregation to multi-chain networks, as well as convenience for current Web3 users and become an entrance for Web2 users,” said Sher, Co-founder of Zecrey. Multi-chain networks are now supported by Zecrey’s Layer 1 mainnet. The next milestone will be the launch of the Layer 2 mainnet and mobile app, which will enable a highly secure cross-chain bridge and private payment solution secured by zero-knowledge proof, as well as the future NFT cross-chain functionality.”

1. Steps to Claim Airdrop Download and create Kontos Wallet –

Next big Potential airdrop "Zecrey" Binance Lab Invest's $6M

2. Now Go to this website and connect your wallet –  and Transfer USDT from the BSC network to Kontos Note: You can only transfer from Metamask you cannot connect any other wallet

Next big Potential airdrop "Zecrey" Binance Lab Invest's $6M

3. Now Go to Galxe, connect your wallet and social media accounts, and complete the Tasks: Galxe Zecrey

Next big Potential airdrop "Zecrey" Binance Lab Invest's $6M

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