World Sleep Day, March 13, Theme, Quotes and Facts

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What is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day is an annual event celebrated with the motto of promoting good and healthy sleep. The first World Sleep Day Was held on 14 March 2008 organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society, formerly World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM).

World Sleep Day is celebrated with the intention of spreading awareness about the importance of sleep in our daily life.  The objective of this event is to minimize the problems related to sleep on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders. The Events involve discussions, presentations of educational materials and exhibitions take place around the world and online to promote well sleep.

When is World Sleep Day Celebrated?

World Sleep Day is celebrated in the month of March the Friday before the northern hemisphere vernal equinox of each year. The exact date of the World Sleep Day may vary but it is always celebrated on Friday. World Sleep Day in 2021 is on Friday, March 12.

What is the Slogan/Theme of World Sleep Day 2020?

The slogan of World Sleep Day 2020 “Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet”.

Slogans of previous World Sleep Day

2008 14 March ‘Sleep well, live fully awake’
2009 20 March ‘Drive alert, arrive safe’
2010 19 March ‘Sleep Well, Stay Healthy’
2011 18 March ‘Sleep Well, Grow Healthy’
2012 16 March ‘Breath Easily, Sleep Well’
2013 15 March ‘Good Sleep, Healthy Aging’
2014 14 March ‘Restful Sleep, Easy Breathing, Healthy Body’
2015 13 March ‘When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound’
2016 18 March ‘Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream’
2017 17 March ‘Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life’
2018 16 March ‘Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythms to Enjoy Life’
2019 15 March ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging’

World Sleep Day History

The annual event was first started by the group of healthcare specialists and members of the medical community who were studying and working in sleep medicine and research. The objective of the first event was to bring all sleep healthcare providers to discuss the sleep education. The first co-chairs of World Sleep Day were Liborio Parrino, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology at Parma University, Italy and Antonio Culebras, MD, Professor of Neurology, Upstate Medical University, and Consultant, The Sleep Center, Community General Hospital, Syracuse, New York, USA.

Since, 2008, World Sleep Day has been continuously observed till today with the different themes and slogans. Check out the slogan above.

World Sleep Day Quotes

  • World Sleep Day is the campaign for sleep disorders, let’s make people aware of it.
  • Sleeping is like a medicine, so sleep on this occasion of World Sleep Day!
  • We must share World Sleep Day quotes with other people to stop sleep disorders and to aware of people of world sleep day.
  • “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” — Thomas Dekker
  • “There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled.” — Edward Lucas
  • “Sleep is the best meditation.” — Dalai Lama

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Interesting Facts About Sleep

  1. 1  in 4 married couples sleeps in separate beds.
  2. Pain tolerance is reduced by sleep deprivation.
  3. About 02:00 am and 2:00 pm times of the day people feel tired.
  4. Newborn babies sleep 14 to 16 hours total each day.
  5. A human spends about 1/3rd of their life. However, this may vary depending on the age of the human.
  6. The world record of the longest period without sleep is 11 days straight, set by a Californian student named Randy Gardner in 1964.
  7. In normal cases, a human takes 10-15 minutes to fall asleep. If you fall asleep within 5 minutes, you are probably sleep-deprived.


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