Paragraph on friendship

Paragraph on Friendship | 600+ Words Essay on Friendship

Our lives are short. We don’t know what happens after we die so people try to make the most of…

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essay on computer

Essay on Computer | 600+ Words Paragraph on Computer

Essay on Computer If there is a thing that has put such an impact on our daily lives, it must…

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global warming

Essay on Global Warming | 700+ Words Paragraph

Essay on Global Warming Due to the rapid urbanization and uncontrolled development activities taking place on earth, the earth is…

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Essay on diwali

Essay on Diwali | 500+ Words Paragraph on Diwali

Essay on Diwali One of the greatest joy and relief for a student or a grown-up adult is when the…

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essay on my country Nepal

Essay on My Country Nepal For Students

If there is a country’s flag that stands out among all other countries it is the flag of Nepal. Our…

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Essay on wonder of science

Essay on Wonders of Science

Essay on Wonders of Science All the development that is done in this world is due to the scientific breakthroughs…

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Essay on mother

Essay on Mother | 700+ Words Paragraph About Mother

Essay on Mother 800+ Words Paragraph About Mother It is without a doubt that the 21 st century is the…

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Essay on Nature1

Essay on Nature | 800+ Words Paragraph on Nature

Essay on Nature Our lives are a gift from Nature. Everything we find on earth, use it for our advantages…

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Independence day

Essay on Independence Day of India

600+ Words Paragraph on Independence Day of India Back in the old times, Britain now called the UK was a…

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rainy season

Essay on Rainy Season | 700+ Words Paragraph on Rainy Season

Water is a very important element in our life. We cannot survive without water and our lives cannot be imagined…

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