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5 Methods to Enjoy Studying

If you’re like most college students out there, then the thought of studying can be completely overwhelming. When the workload keeps growing as the semester progresses, it can be hard to progress without feeling burned out. But learning doesn’t have to mean hours spent at your desk hating every second – there are more innovative ways of approaching your studies that can turn them into enjoyable and even pleasant activities. This article shares a few tips and tricks to help you make studying fun. Keep on reading to learn more!

5 Methods to Enjoy Studying
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1.Clear Your Schedule

It may seem counterintuitive, but when studying, paring down your schedule and dedicating less time to other activities can create a more enjoyable experience. Having fewer commitments leaves you with more headspace and fewer distractions, so activities like studying become more engaging.

Additionally, by carving out time for yourself to learn at your own pace and designing a study routine tailored to how you learn best, rather than following someone else’s syllabus or timeline, you can create a comforting and energizing environment. Clearing your schedule means you don’t need to rush through and gloss over the material, naturally allowing for deeper understanding and engagement with the subject matter. During my college years, I often buy a custom research paper so that I could clear my schedule and dedicate more time to studying.

2.Find A Study Method That Works For You

After clearing your schedule, the next step is to find a method of learning that works for you. Everyone learns differently, so it’s essential to consider what type of learning style best suits your needs and allows you to retain more information. Some people work better with flashcards or diagrams, while others prefer interactive activities like roleplaying and simulations.

No matter your chosen method, take the time to figure out how to make it fun. For example, if you get bored quickly by reading from textbooks, try writing summaries of each chapter instead to make the material enjoyable again. Or, if you need visuals to understand concepts better, use color coding or create mind maps for topics and ideas. Incorporating creative methods into your studies will make them more enjoyable.

3.Reward Yourself

Studying doesn’t have to be an unpleasant chore – you can turn it into an opportunity for self-care and reward. Set small, achievable goals, such as finishing a chapter in a book or completing five assignments within a month. When you reach these milestones, take some time to reward yourself with something that brings you joy. This could be anything from indulging in your favorite snack to taking a break for much-needed screen-free relaxation. Rewarding yourself helps keep motivation levels high and makes studying feel less overwhelming.

4.Be Social

Studies show that working with peers helps create a positive learning environment and increases academic performance. So why not make studying a fun group activity? Invite some friends over and work together on assignments, or create an online study group where you can share resources and exchange ideas. Working in a team offers more opportunities to approach the material from different perspectives and find creative solutions. It’s also a great way to distress, as talking with others takes your mind off of the task at hand.

5.Create A Healthy Study Environment

Lastly, create an inviting, comfortable study space for yourself. Make sure to keep it clean and well-lit, and decorate it with items that make you feel relaxed but also alert. This could be anything from scented candles or essential oils to music playlists or houseplants.

Additionally, having a designated spot for studying will help create associations in your brain between the environment and learning. When you enter the room, you’ll feel ready to focus and get to work.


As you can see, there are many ways to make studying more enjoyable and effective. By clearing your schedule, finding a study method that works for you, rewarding yourself, being social with peers, and creating a healthy study environment, you’ll be on your way to success! So don’t let studying become an unpleasant chore – make it an opportunity for self-care and discovery instead. Good luck!


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