New to crypto? Start with the basics

As crypto is not issued by a bank, it cannot be used to replace bank printed cash.

INR Substitute


In reality, cryptocurrency is a fully legal means of investment and payment.

Easy purchase

People can utilise exchanges such as Binance and others to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Real Use?

Coins like as bitcoins are being used as a gold-like hedge, which can simplify the payment process by eliminating the need for an intermediary.

Although mining consumes a lot of energy, the overall environmental impact of the banking system is far worse.


The network of cryptocurrency networks, such as bitcoin, has never been hacked, and it also overcomes the double spend problem.


Making a cryptocurrency is as simple as a neft transfer and does not necessitate knowledge of the underlying technology.


In the crypto realm, there are other more crypto currencies with various technologies.


The Indian government recently taxed cryptocurrency investment profits at a flat rate of 30 percent.