Researchers Explore New Non-Medicinal Treatments For Type 2 Diabetes

Promising new research has raised the possibility of treating type 2 diabetes without drugs.

Researchers have demonstrated that short bursts of ultrasound targeted at specific nerves clusters in the liver can reduce insulin and glucose levels.

A team led by GE Research and investigators from Yale School of Medicine, UCLA, and the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, reported in the Nature Biomedical Engineering journal. 

A unique non-invasive ultrasound method is designed in the study to stimulate specific sensory nerves in the liver. Called peripheral focused ultrasound stimulation (pFUS)

The technology lets highly targeted ultrasound pulses to hit tissues containing nerve endings.

The newly published study indicates short targeted bursts of pFUS at this area of the liver successfully reversed the onset of hyperglycaemia. 

The treatment was found to be effective in three separate animal models of diabetes: mice, rats and pigs.